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Series that books in GalacticLibrary's library belong to

Summary: 551 Series


An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

The Academy: Priscilla Hutchins

Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series



Against All Odds

Agents of the Crown {Buroker}

The Agile Software Development Series

Aladdin (Disney)

Alaskan Skies series

Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians

The Alchemist

The Alchemist

The Alden Family Mysteries


Alice in Wonderland (Disney)

American Gods

Ancient Shores

Android's Dream

Angel's Luck

Annals of the Western Shore

Anne of Green Gables

Antz (Dreamworks)

The Anubis Gates

Apprentice Adept

Arthur C. Clarke Anthologies

Ascent to Empire

Atlantis Trilogy


Aubrey Knight

Les aventures de Vlad Taltos



Ballad of Wuntvor

Bartimaeus Sequence

Battlefield Earth

Beka Cooper


Bill, the Galactic Hero

Black Widowers Mysteries

Blues Brothers

The Bone Season

Books of Ember

Books of Great Alta

The Books of the Raksura

Born Pockets

Boxcar Children

Boxcar Children Mysteries


Brion Brandd

The Broken Earth

Le Bureau des Sabotages

The Burning City

Caelestis Series

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin et Hobbes

Camp Half-Blood

Captain Nemo

Case Files of Henri Davenforth

Cat Scratch

Cat Series

The Cemeteries of Amalo


Chan Dalton

The Checquy Files

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Children of the Lamp

Chronicles of Amber

Chronicles of Chaos

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Chronological Order

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Publication Order

The Chronicles of Norbert the Alien

The Chronicles of the Deryni

Chronicles of the King's Blades

The Cinder Spires


Clocktaur War

Clockwork Earth



Codex Alera

CoDominium Internal Chronology

Coelura Series

Cold as Ice

The Color Purple Collection

The Company

The Complete Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

The Complete Stories of Isaac Asimov

Confidence Game

The Conquerors Saga

ConSentiency Series


Count to the Eschaton

Crystal Singer Trilogy

The Curse of the Jolly Stone Trilogy


D. D. Harriman

The Daedalus Series [Martinez]


Darkness (Turtledove)

Darwen Arkwright

Daughter of Smoke and Bone


The Deed of Paksenarrion

Dell Binary Star

Deryni Novels: chronological order

Deryni Novels: publication order

Deryni Novels: timeline

Destination: Void Universe


Dilbert: Business

Dilvish The Damned

Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Wars

Dire Earth Cycle

Dirk Gently

Disney Animated Canon

Disney Classics [DE]

Disney's The Little Mermaid

Disney's Winnie the Pooh (films)

The Dispatcher

The Diviners

Doctor Who {non-TV}

Doctor Who: Target Novelisations: Broadcast order

Doctor Who: Target Novelisations: Doctor Who Library order

Doctor Who: Target Novelisations: Publication order

The Dodec Books

Dome 1618


Draco Tavern

The Dracula Sequence


Dragaera: Khaavren Romances

Dragaera: Vlad Taltos: Chronological Order

Dragaera: Vlad Taltos: Publication Order

Dragaera: Vlad Taltos: Wheel Order

Dragon Blood

Dragon Knight

Dragon's Legacy (Wolf)


Dragonriders of Pern: Chronological Order

Dream Park



Die Drenai Saga

Drenai: Chronological order

Drenai: Publication order


Dune: Complete Chronology

Early Asimov

Earth's Children

The Earthsea Cycle

Effective CPP

Eight Worlds

The Enchanter General

Enchantment Emporium

The End of All Things

Ender Saga

Ender's Game

Ender-Shadow Series


Eschaton Sequence

Essay Collections

The Exclamatory Series

Exploits of Ebenezum

The Extraordinary Voyages

Falkenberg's Legion

Fall of Night

The Fall of the Towers

Familiar and Mage

Fantastic Voyage

The Far Side

Far Side Gallery

The Farseer Trilogy

Federated Sentient Planets Universe

Firefly - Serenity

First Chronicles of Amber

The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

The Fisher King trilogy

The Fisherman's Children

Fitz and the Fool Trilogy

Fitzhugh and Floyt

The Flappers

Fleet of Worlds


Foundation Expanded Universe

The Fox and the Hound (Disney)

Fractured Fairy Tales {Silkstone}

Frank Compton

Freedom Series

Future History


Gaean Trilogy

Galactic Empire

Gap Series

The Gentleman Bastards Sequence

Glass and Steele

The Goblin Emperor