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You read 122 books in 2023!

You read the most books in June and July.

You read 20,486 pages; your average book was 330 pages.

What you read in 2023

You added 166 books in 2023!

You added the most books in July.

Earliest publication date: A Mortal Curiosity by Ann Granger (1790)

Latest publication date: In Search of the Lambs and Other Stories by Divyank J. (2023)

Books added in 2023

What you added in 2023


Books added in 2023

Publication dates

Books added in 2023

Dewey Decimal numbers

Books added in 2023

Basic cover colors

Books added in 2023

Book Measurements for 2023

You added 14.25 feet and 120.13 pounds to your book stack!

You need 0.93 IKEA billy bookcases to hold your new books for 2023.

Or, if you store them in the garage, you need 4.50 U-Haul boxes.

And make sure your floors will support the added weight of 6.22 adult badgers!

Books added in 2023
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Reviews and Ratings for 2023

You rated 369 books with an average rating of 4.4 stars. ½.

Genres in 2023

Books added in 2023
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LibraryThing members added over 18.9 million books in 2023.

LibraryThing members have added 2,383,586 feet to their bookstacks this year. That's more than 82 Mt. Everests and 1.78 times to the International Space Station!


You wrote 8 Talk posts in 2023 (consisting of 618 words) and contributed to 6 Talk topics in 3 Groups.

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