Book Events for HollyAHunt

Events within the books in HollyAHunt's library

14th century

18th century

19th century

9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Twin Towers and Pentagon

Anatomy Act

Battle of Alexandria

Battle of Britain

Battle of Delville Wood

Battle of Kulikovo, 1380

Battle of Mont Cenis

Battle of Rivoli

Battle of the Nile

Battle of the Pyramids

Battle of the Somme

The Battle of Troyes-Le-Mont

Battle of Waterloo

Birth of Margaret Norman

Black Death

The Blitz

Castro's revolutionary war

Clutter family murder

Coronation of King Arthur

Disaster: Shipwreck

Discovery of Fillory

England beat Australia at Cricket


French capture of the bridge in Clausen

French Revolution

French Revolutionary Wars

Funeral Rule

Grand Tour

The Great Revelation

Haitian Revolution


Hundred Years' War

Hurricane Katrina

Iran-Iraq War

Iranian Revolution

Jazz Age

The King's Champion Contest

Kishinev pogrom

Louisiana Purchase

Napoleonic Wars


Queen Elena's Quest

Reign of Edward III, King of England

Rum Rebellion

Russian Revolution

September 11 Attacks

Siege of Leningrad

Siege of Mantua

Tang Dynasty


Trail of Tears

the Voodoo Wars

War of the Five Kings

World War I

World War II

World War III