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Series that books in KellyinSD's library belong to

Summary: 476 Series

The 'Nam


The Acme Novelty Library

Action Comics [2011]

Action Comics TPBs

Action Comics Vol. 2 [2011-]

Adventures of Superman TPBs

After Such Knowledge

After Such Knowledge: Publication order


All Star Comics [vol. 1]

All-Star Superman

The Amazing Spider-Man

American Vampire

Animal Man

Animal Man [1988]

Animal Man, Volume 1


Anno Dracula

The Anubis Gates


Aquaman [complete]

Arkham Asylum


Astro City

Astro City Collections

The Authority

The Authority [1999-2002]

Avengers [2012]

Avengers Assemble [1998]

The Avengers Epic Collection

Avengers Legends

Avengers, 1963 series

Avengers, 1998 series



Barbara Gordon: Batgirl/Oracle (complete)

Batgirl [2009]


Batman and Robin [2009]

Batman Confidential

Batman Detective Comics: Rebirth

Batman Eternal [2014]

Batman Vol. 1 [1940-2011] (collections)

Batman, Incorporated

Batman, Incorporated [2011]

Batman, Incorporated [2012]

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

Batman: Li'l Gotham

Batman: New 52

Batman: Sombre Reflet

Batman: The Dark Knight Detective

Batman: The White Knight

Batman: Zero Year

The Bean


Bill Willingham's Fables

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey (volume 2)

Birds of Prey Vol. 1 [1999-2009]

Black Dragon

The Black Monday Murders

Black Widow

Black Widow [complete]

Blackest Night

The Bone Orchard Mythos

The Book of Ballads and Sagas

The Books of Magic

Booster Gold (2007)

The Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold [volume 3]

Brightest Day

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Burn Cycle

Captain America

Captain America Epic Collection

Captain America Reborn

Captain America, Volume 5

Captain Britain

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Vol. 1 [1968-1979]

Captain Marvel Vol. 4 [1999-2002]

Carrion Comfort

La Caste des Méta-Barons


Catwoman [2002-2010]


Chase [DC Comics]


Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox

Cloak and Dagger [Marvel]


Il collezionista

Comic Book History

Cora Oglesby

Courtney Crumrin

The Crescent Moon Kingdoms

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Deluxe Edition


The Culture

Cursed Pirate Girl

Danger Unlimited

Daphne Byrne


Daredevil [Volume 1]

Daredevil, Volume 1 Reprints

Daredevil: Visionaries

The Dark Tower

Dark Tower - The Gunslinger Born

The Dark Tower Comics

The Dark Tower Graphic Novel Series


DC Comics - The Legend of Batman

DC Comics Crisis

DC Elseworlds

DC One Million

DC: The New Frontier

DCU Year One Collections

Dead Boy Detectives

Death {The Sandman}

Demon Knights [2011]

Demon Knights: New 52

The Department of Truth

Destiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold

Detective Comics Vol. 1 [1937-2011] (collections)


The Digging Leviathan

Doctor Eszterhazy

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange [complete]

The Dollhouse Family


Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol [1987]

Doom Patrol, Volume 2 [1987-1995]

Dr. Adder

Dream World

The Dreaming {2018-2020}

Dutton Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year

Earth One

Earth X

Eight Worlds


Elektra Assassin

Elm Haven

Embers of War

Empire [Waid/Kitson]

Eternals, Vol. 1

Excalibur -1988

Excalibur [collections]

Excalibur Visionaries

Fables 2002-2015

Fables: Cinderella

Fairest (2012-2015)

Fantastic Four Omnibus

Fantasy Annual


Felix Castor

Final Crisis

Fireside Books

First Uplift Trilogy

The Fisher King trilogy

Five Ghosts

The Flash

The Flash by Mark Waid

The Flash TPBs

The Flash, Volume 2

Four Hundred Billion Stars

Fourth World

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.: New 52

Frankenstein Monster [Marvel, 1973]

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. [2011]



From Hell

Full Spectrum

Future Quest

Galactic Center

The Gentleman Bastards Sequence

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost Omnibus

Ghost Vol. 1

Gideon Falls [2015]

Global Frequency

The Golden Age: DC Comics

Gotham Central

Gotham City Sirens

Grant Morrison's Batman run

The Great and Secret Show

The Great Fables Crossover

Green Arrow [2011]

Green Arrow: New 52

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern [First Season, 2018]

The Green Lantern [Second Season, 2020]

Green Lantern [Volume 4]

Green Lantern [Volume 5]

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps [Volume 2]