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2011 Norway attacks

7 July 2005 London bombings

Albigensian Crusade

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Atkins v. Virginia

Battle of Five Armies

Black Death

Bolivian Machupo Virus Outbreak

Burlington, Vermont 2009 mayoral election

Central African Ebola Virus Outbreaks

Civil Rights Movement, USA

climate change

climate crisis

Columbine High School massacre

Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction

Disaster: Infectious Disease

Dutch Q Fever Outbreaks

Extinction of Homo sapiens

Fall of Rome

Financial Crisis of 2008

Florida 2000 presidential election


global warming

Great Famine of

Great Influenza Epidemic

Great Plague of London

Hendra Virus Outbreak


Hundred Years' War

Influenza pandemic

Iranian Revolution

Iraq War

Late Devonian extinction

Marburg Virus Infections

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

Nipah Virus Outbreaks

Ordovician–Silurian extinction event

Permian Mass Extinction

Quest of Erebor


SARS Outbreak in South China

Syrian Civil War

Tartar Siege of Caffa

Triassic–Jurassic extinction event

Vietnam War

World War I

World War II

Zenith Radio Corporation telepath broadcasts