Book Events for MarJanita

Events within the books in MarJanita's library

Summary: 366 Events.

The 144,000 with the Lamb

1925 serum run to Nome

1937 Recession

Abraham justified by faith

Age of Sail

Aleppo earthquake

American Civil War

American Declaration of Independence

American Revolution

Ananias and Sapphira

The angels with the seven last plagues

The anti-Christ revealed

Apollo 1 fire

Apollo 10

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Apollo 7

Apollo 8

Apollo 9

Apollo program

Appin murder


The army from the Euphrates


Ash Wednesday Storm

Assassination of Tiberius Gracchus

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Attack on Pearl Harbor


Autumn Feast

Bal de l'Opera

Baptism of Jesus of Nazareth

The barren fig tree

Bataan Death March

Battle of Anzio

Battle of Brandy Station

Battle of Britain

Battle of Cross Keys

Battle of El Alamein

Battle of Eniwetok

Battle of Fair Oaks

Battle of Five Armies

Battle of Franklin

Battle of Front Royal

Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of Guam July 21,1944

Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of Kasserine Pass

Battle of Kursk

Battle of Kwajalein

Battle of Long Island

Battle of Makin

Battle of Manticore

Battle of McDowell

Battle of Midway

Battle of Okinawa

Battle of Osawatomie

Battle of Peleliu

Battle of Port Republic

Battle of Saipan

Battle of Tarawa

Battle of the Alamo

Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Chesapeake

Battle of the Eastern Solomons

Battle of the Hornburg

Battle of the Philippine Sea

Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands

Battle of Tinian

Battle of Trenton

Battle of Wake Island

Battle of Waterloo

Battles of Lexington and Concord

The beast from the Earth

The beast from the sea

Beheading of John the Baptist

The Big Smoke

Birth of Christ

Birth of Jesus

Birth of Jesus foretold

Birth of John the Baptist

Birth of John the Baptist promised

Bosnian War

Boxer Rebellion

British Raj

Bronze Age

Brown v. Board of Education

Building of the Brooklyn Bridge

Burma Campaign

Burnham-on-Sea flood

California Gold Rush

the Carrington Event

The catch of 153 fish

Cherokee Trail of Tears

Christ and Antichrist

Christ and Satan

Christ rebukes Pharisees and Scribes


Christmas Eve


Christ’s sacrifice once for all

The Church’s final victory

The Church’s victory

Civil War, 1861-1865

Columbine School Shootings

Constitutional Convention

Coronation of Aragorn

The Council of Elrond

Court Martial of Captain Charles B. McVay, III

Creation of Narnia

Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth

The cursing of the fig tree


Death and Resurrection of Aslan

Death of the White Witch

The defeat of Babylon

The defeat of Satan

Deportation of Hungarian Jews

Descente de la Courtille

Destruction of Isengard

Destruction of the One Ring

Dictatorship of Sulla

Disaster: Dam Break

Disaster: Flood

Doolittle Raid

Doubting Thomas

The dragon and the child

The dragon persecutes the woman


End of the World

Evacuation of Boston

Evacuation of British Children in WW2

Expulsion of the Acadians

Fall of the Roman Republic

False teachers and their destruction

Fidenae stadium collapse

First Battle of Kernstown

First Battle of Winchester

First day of school

The first five bowls 'plagues'

French and Indian War

French Revolution

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

The gang finds a mysterious blank sheet of paper

Garden of Gethsemane

Gettysburg Campaign

Gilded Age

Godlessness in the Last Days

Great Boston Molasses Flood

The Great Commission

Great Depression

Great Upheaval

Guadalcanal Campaign

Gulf War, 1990-1991

Halifax Explosion

The harvest

Having a discussion about friendship with mama, meeting Cherry


Homestead Act

Hundred Days

Igniting the Darvaza Gas Crater

Influenza pandemic

Invention of chronometer


Jackson's Valley Campaign

Jacobite Rebellion

Japanese-American Internment

Jazz Age

Jesus and disciples prepare for Passover

Jesus anointed in Bethany

Jesus appears to Peter

Jesus before Herod

Jesus before Pilate

Jesus blesses small children

Jesus calls his disciples

Jesus calms the stormy sea

Jesus feeds 4,000

Jesus feeds the 5,000

Jesus heals 10 lepers

Jesus heals a blind man

Jesus heals a leper

Jesus heals a man with dropsy

Jesus heals deformed woman on Sabbath

Jesus heals man with palsy

Jesus heals the blind and mute

Jesus heals the Centurion's servant

Jesus purges the Temple

Jesus purging the temple

Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead

Jesus raises the widow of Nain’s son

Jesus restores a lunatic

Jesus restores the sight of 2 blind men

Jesus revealed to his disciples

Jesus sends the 12 Apostles

Jesus sentenced to death by Pilate

Jesus taken captive

Jesus walks on the sea

Jesus' temptation in the desert

Jesus’ burial

Jesus’ death

Jesus’ parable of the net

Jesus’ parable of the sower

Jesus’ parable of the weeds

Jesus’ parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl

Jesus’ parables of the mustard seed and the yeast

Jesus’ prophecy of His suffering

Jesus’ resurrection

Jesus’ trial

Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem

Jesus’ words on the cross

John preaches and baptizes

Johnstown Flood

John’s vision of Christ on the island of Patmos

Joseph takes Mary as his wife

Judas agrees to betray Jesus

Judas Iscariot hangs himself

Judgement pronounced on Jerusalem

July Revolution

June Rebellion

Kansas Blizzard

Klondike Gold Rush

Lake Nyos disaster

Last Judgement

Last Supper

Liberation of the Philippines

Lituya Bay megatsunami

The locusts out of hell

London Beer Flood

Lowell Mill Strike

The marriage supper of the Lamb

Martian invasion of Earth

Massacre of Malolo, 1840

Matthias chosen to replace Judas

Mexican-American War

Napoleonic Wars

New Baby

The new Heaven and the new Earth

The new Jerusalem

Nickel Mines Amish school shooting

North African Campaign

Northwest Ordinance

Operation Chastise

Operation Dragoon

Operation Flintlock

Operation Hailstone

Operation Husky

Operation Market Garden

Operation Mincemeat

Operation Neptune