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The Butlers

Parthenia Ann Hawks

"Ace" Shaw

"Armpit" Theodore Johnson

"Big Jim" Smith

"Butch" Weldy

"Crazy Joe" Grinnan

"Doc" Barrett

"Doctor Steve"

"Empty" Garner

"Father" Helmich

"Hollywood" Nate Weiss

"Indignation" Jones

"Juicy" Keener

"Little Betty" Willoughby

"Mack" Charles MacKenzie

"Major" Cavalcanti



"Nelson" Lekuyu

"our Lutheran minister"

"Our" Jane Casteel

"Short" John Gilroy

"Silent" Sam Squirrel

"Spike" Herlihy

"Suitcase" Simpson

"Tan" Leborgne

"The Bridegroom"

"The Duchess"

"the Dutchman"

"Wild Bill" Barnaby

"Wink" Wynkowski

"X-Ray" Rex Washburn

"Young" Tom Hudson

'Bo' Maddox

'Haley' Camille

'Mouse' Hannah Moore

'Smiler' Hudson

101st Airborne

1st Acolyte of the 2nd Cave

1st Acolyte of the 9th cave

27 Loper Ranch chickens

2nd Acolyte of the 14th Cave

the 5-yr-old Golding son

A. A. Humphries

A. Burke

A. Dudley Mann

A. Foulke

A. Gordon Shull

A. H. Compton

A. H. Todd

A. J.

A. J. Alden

A. J. Nastasi

A. J. Russell

A. J. Tennet

A. J. Vaughan

A. John Bell

A. K. Knott

A. K. Shaifer

A. L. P. Valrin

A. M. Stewart

A. P. Hill

A. P. Stewart

A. Philip Randolph

A. S. Clyne

A. Sims

A. Y. Vyshinsky

A.D. Blood

Aali Nassar

Aarfy Aardvark



Aaron Brooks

Aaron Burr

Aaron Byrne

Aaron Callahan

Aaron Clive

Aaron Cody

Aaron Crown

Aaron Dawes

Aaron Dunbar

Aaron Dunn

Aaron Ellis

Aaron Falk

Aaron Faulkner

Aaron Fogelman

Aaron Fox

Aaron Grant

Aaron Hatfield

Aaron Hauer

Aaron Hisel

Aaron Jefferson

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Kleiner

Aaron Lake

Aaron Levine

Aaron Levy

Aaron Linbacher

Aaron Livingston

Aaron MacEntyre

Aaron Messer

Aaron Murdock

Aaron Otis

Aaron Plank

Aaron Sharansky

Aaron Strauss

Aaron Tarkington

Aaron the Levite

Aaron Van Camp

Aaron Westhaven

Aaron Wiggins

Aaron Winslow

Aaron Winthrop

Aaron, brother of Moses

Aaron, the Levite


Aayla Secura



Abaddon, angel of the Abyss "Apollyon" "Destruction"

Abagail Mason

Aban Kohlah

Abba "God the Father"


Abbe Fouquet

Abbess Marjoram

Abbess Meriam

Abbess Tansy

Abbess Vale

Abbey Sutherland

Abbie Elliot

Abbie Lawson

Abbot Abo of Fassanova

Abbot Apodemus

Abbot Bernard

Abbot Glisam

Abbot Mordalfus

Abbot Thibb

Abbott Mortimer Mouse of Redwall

Abbott N. Costello


Abby Cable

Abby Carson

Abby Casper

Abby Chandlis

Abby Chastain

Abby Crawford

Abby Davis

Abby Devereaux

Abby Dolan

Abby Flanders Bywater

Abby Freeman

Abby Granger

Abby Hastings

Abby Ivers

Abby Kincaid

Abby Lowell

Abby Martin

Abby Matteo

Abby McCall Crawford

Abby McDeere

Abby Miller

Abby O'Brien Winters

Abby Patterson

Abby Perry

Abby Pippins

Abby Radwell

Abby Sexton

Abby Skylar

Abby Taylor

Abby Thompson

Abby Turnbull

Abby Wheeler

Abby Whitshank

Abby Yamada

Abbé Faria

Abdellatif Oufkir

Abdikarim Ahmed


Abdul Ali

Abdul Aziz

Abdul Aziz al-Bakari

Abdul Aziz ibn Saud

Abdul Karim Qassem

Abdul Samad

Abdul Waleed


Abdullah ibn Hassan al Wahhab

Abdullah Sm

Abdullah Smith

Abe Baird

Abe Cohen

Abe DeMot

Abe Fallow

Abe Fortas

Abe Gingerich

Abe Glitsky

Abe Goldberg

Abe Huppinworth

Abe Mackay

Abe North

Abe Rayner

Abe Reagan

Abe Sanders

Abe Slaney

Abe Steiger

Abe Teal

Abe Wasserman

Abe Weinstein

Abe Wengerd

Abe Yoder

Abe Yomes

Abednego, of the fiery furnace


Abel Cantel

Abel D. Streight

Abel Durazo

Abel Fosdyk

Abel Grey

Abel Magwitch

Abel Martinson

Abel Melveny

Abel Pratt

Abel Rosnovski

Abel Samms

Abel Slabaugh

Abel Stearns

Abel Taft

Abel Wright

Abel, son of Adam and Eve, killed by Cain

Aberforth Dumbledore

Abhi Ghosh



Abiel Leonard


Abigail "Abby" Chelmsford

Abigail "Abby" Stone

Abigail "The Great One"

Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams Smith

Abigail Anderson

Abigail Billingsgate

Abigail Birdsong

Abigail Blass

Abigail Boyles

Abigail Breslow

Abigail Brooks Adams

Abigail Browning