Book Events for NetcongLibrary

Events within the books in NetcongLibrary's library

1903 Nobel Peace Prize for Physics


1911 Nobel Peace Prize for Chemistry

1925 serum run to Nome


74th Annual Hunger Games

75th Annual Hunger Games

The accident

African-American Civil Rights Movement

Age of Sail

American Civil War

American Revolution


Apollo 11

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Apollo program

Appin murder

Arrival of Pegasus in New York

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Autumn Feast

Battle of Bosworth 1483

Battle of Five Armies

Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of Hogwarts

Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of Manhattan

Battle of Okinawa

Battle of Shiloh

Battle of the Alamo

Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Battle of the Hornburg

Battle of the Labyrinth

Battle of the Little Bighorn

Battles of Lexington and Concord

Beer Hall Putsch

Black Death

Blessing of the Fleet in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

The Bom

Boston Tea Party

Brown v. Board of Education

Building of the Brooklyn Bridge

Burning of the bamboo books

Charles Dickens' US Tour

Chernobyl Disaster

Cherokee Trail of Tears

Chess Competition

Chinese New Year

Cholera Epidemic


Christmas Eve

Christmas pageant

Christmas Party


Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963

Circumnatigation of the World

Civil War

Constitutional Convention

Creation of Narnia

Crimean War


Death and Resurrection of Aslan

Death of Kayla Sloane

Death of the White Witch

December 23, 1918

Declaration of Independence approved

Disaster: Blizzard

Discovery of Radium

Discovery of the Titanic

Discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb


Dust Bowl Era


Emancipation Proclamation

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius

Evacuation of British Children in WW2

Experiments with electricity

Fate of the Labryinth

First day of school

Founding of New Milford, Connecticut, USA

Fourth Crusade

Fourth of July

French and Indian War

French Revolution

Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg Campaign

Gilded Age

Great Depression

The Great Depression

Great Transcontinental Railroad Race

Great War

Guadalcanal Campaign


Han Dynasty


Hindenburg disaster


Hundred Years' War


Hurricane Katrina

Hyksos Period of Egypt

Irish Potato Famine

Jacobite Rebellion

The Jarm

John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry

Katelyn Sands

Klondike Gold Rush

Korean War


La Giornate della Merla

Labor Day

Late Cretaceous

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Making of the film A Trip to the Moon

Mardi Gras

The Matching Banquet

May Day

Mayflower Compact

Mexican-American War

Middle Ages

Mike Pillsbury

Monopoly games

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Mother's Day

Nazi Germany; World War II

Nazi occupation of the Netherlands

New Baby

New Year's Day

Nicholas Thorpe

Ninth Grade dance

November 11, 1918

Operation Overlord

Oregon Trail

Peasants' Revolt

The People's Crusade

Pony Express


Prehistoric Age

Quarter Quell

Quest of Erebor


Rebirth of Kronos


Reign of Henry VIII

Reign of Terror

Reign of Titus


Return of Father Christmas

Return of the Swallows to Mission San Juan Capistrano

Roanoke Colony

Rosh Hashanah, Hasidic legend based on Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer

Saint Lucy's Day

Salem witch trials

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Scarlet Fever Epidemic

Scott Schreiber

Search for the Flame of Olympus

Second Titan War

September 11 Attacks

Siege of La Rochelle

Siege of Orléans

Signing of the Declaration of Independence

sinking of the Bismarck

Sinking of the Britannic

Sinking of the Empress of Ireland

Sinking of the Titanic


Snow Winter

Solar eclipse

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

Spanish-American War

St. Patrick's Day

Star Party at French Creek


Summer Solstice

Talks with Korbet

Texas Revolution


Third Crusade

Travels of Ibn Battuta

The Tri-Wizard Tournament

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

The Troubles

Tudor Era

Typhoid Epidemic of New York City

Underground Railroad

Valentine's Day

Victorian Era

Vietnam War

Viking Age

Viking Expansion

Voyage of the Kon-Tiki

War of 1812

War on Olympus

Wars of the Roses

Westward Movement

When Stargirl leaves Arizona. She leaves few people, Leo, Archie, and dori.


Winter Solstice

World War I

World War II

World War II, American Home Front

World War II, British Home Front

World War II, German Occupation of Denmark

World War II, German Occupation of France

World War II, German Occupation of the Netherlands

World War II, Pacific Theater

World War III

Yellow Fever Epidemic