Book Events for Sirje.Toomla

Events within the books in Sirje.Toomla's library


Afghan Civil War

African-American Civil Rights Movement

American Civil War

American Revolution

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of Medgar Evers

Assassination of Russian imperial family

Battle of Five Armies

Battle of Hogwarts

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Battle of the Hornburg

The Blitz

Bombing of Dresden

Bosnian War

California Gold Rush

Chinese Civil War

Cholera Epidemic

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Cold War

The Council of Elrond


Driving of the Victual Brothers out of Gotland

Expulsion of the Jews in Spain

Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 [1989]

Great Depression

The Great Exhibition

Great Flood of 1910

Great Northern War

The Great Stink

Great Turkish War / War of the Holy League


Hundred Days

Industrial Revolution

Jazz Age

Malayan Emergency

May Day

Mexican Revolution

Mid-term death of Barry Fairbrother

Midsummer Day

Napoleonic Wars

New Year's Day

Newark riots

Olympic Games

Operation Enduring Freedom

Papal Election

Post World War I

Quest of Erebor


Regency Era

Reign of George III

Russian Revolution

San Fermin & Running of the Bulls

Saur Revolution

Second Boer War, 1899-1902

September 11 Attacks

Siege of La Rochelle

Somali Civil War

Soviet-Afghan War

Spanish Civil War

Spanish Inquisition

Student Protests

The Tri-Wizard Tournament

Tulip Mania/Tulipomania

Victorian Era

Virginia Woolf's suicide

World Series

World Trade Center attack

World War I

World War II

World War II, British Home Front

World War II, Eastern Front

World War II, German Occupation of the Channel Islands

World War III

World's Columbian Exposition