Book Events for Torla

Events within the books in Torla's library

1788-89 US presidential election

1792 US presidential election

1796 presidential election

17th century

1800 US presidential election


2020 U.S. Presidential Election

74th Annual Hunger Games

Age of Anarchy

American Revolution



B'Wa Kell Rebellion

Battle at Burning plains

Battle of Five Armies

Battle of Manhattan

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Hornburg

Battle of the Labyrinth

Battle of Waterloo

Bombing of Dresden

Bread Riot

Burr-Hamilton Duel

Butlerian Jihad


Constitutional Convention

The Council of Elrond

Day of Triumph

Discovery of Fillory

Discovery of Radium

DomDaniel is Defeated

The Duelem

Fate of the Labryinth

French Revolution

Hamilton–Reynolds affair

Hundred Days

Iran-Iraq War

Iranian Revolution

July Revolution

June Rebellion

The King's Champion Contest

Knighting of Sir Gawain

London season

Napoleonic Wars

The Noble Experiment

Panic of 1792

Papal Election

Poisoning of Crops



Queen Elena's Quest

Quest of Erebor


Rebirth of Kronos

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Scorpio races

Second Titan War

Siege of Fowl Manor

Siege of La Rochelle

Siege of Yorktown

Summer Solstice

Thirty Years' War

The Tri-Wizard Tournament

Trojan War

War of the Five Kings

War of the Usurper

Whisky Rebellion

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

Winter Solstice

World War I

World War I, British Home Front

World War II

Xenocide of the Formics