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Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of the Gracchi

Battle of Marathon

Battle of Munichia

Battle of Salamis

Battle of Teutoburg forest

Battle of the Solent

Battle of Thermopylae

Catilina's Revolt

Conflict of the Orders

Crimean War

Death of Katherine of Aragon

Dissolution of the Monasteries

Divorce/annulment of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII

English Reformation

Execution of Anne Boleyn

Execution of Catherine Howard

Georgian Era

Great Fire of London

Greco-Persian Wars

Halloween 1958

Henry VIII Great Progress


Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul

Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain

Marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

The Murder of Saville Kent

Papal Election

Peloponnesian War

Plague of Athens

Punic Wars

The Punic Wars

Regency Era

Reign of Amasis II

Reign of Cambyses II

Reign of Henry VIII

The Rule of the Thirty Tyrants

Second Persian Invasion of Greece

Sicilian Expedition

The sinking of the Mary Rose

The Social War

Trojan War

Tudor Era

Twenty-Sixth Dynasty of Egypt

Wars of the Roses

World War II