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Summary: 134 Series

The Alan Leo Astrologer's Library

All and Everything

Archaeologia Mundi

Art and Imagination

Art and Mankind

The Art of Happiness

Astrology for All

Beginning Buddhist Practice

The Best Buddhist Writing

Biography of J. Krishnamurti

Blackwell Companions to Religion

The Blue Cliff Record

Blue Day Book series

Bodhi Leaves


Buddhism and Modernity

Buddhisms: A Princeton University Press Series

Buddhist Tales for Young and Old

Cambridge Studies in Religious Traditions

Ch'an and Zen Teaching

Classics of Indian Buddhism

The Clear Light Series

Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa

Complete Idiot's Guide

Concise Encyclopedia of World Faiths

Conversations with the Dalai Lama from Mind and Life Conference

Copleston's History of Philosophy

Crystal Mirror

The Dalai Lama's Cat

Dharma Ocean Series

Dimensions of Thought

Dudjom Lingpa's Visions of the Great Perfection

Dwight H. Terry Lectures

Dynamic responses to Dzong-ka-ba's The essence of eloquence

Eerdmans' Handbooks

Eeuwige momenten

Elements of Series

Essays in Zen Buddhism

The Essential Religious Series

Eternal Moments

The Flower Ornament Scripture

for Dummies

for Dummies Religion & Spirituality

The Foundation of Buddhist Thought

Gaia Theory


Godsfield Bibles

Great Religions of Modern Man


Healing a Grieving Heart series

Heibonsha Survey of Japanese Art

Hermeneutics, Studies in the History of Religions

A History of Western Philosophy (Russell)

International Folk Tales


Introduction to Asian Civilizations

Introduction to Religion

Jataka Tales

Jung Extracts

Kum Nye Relaxation

Larousse Encyclopedia Series

Letters of the Great Artists

Library of Perennial Philosophy: Spiritual Classics

Library of Tibetan Classics

Librero wereldgeschiedenis

Lonely Planet Country Guide

Lonely Planet Japan

Lonely Planet Pictorial

Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Lonely Planet travel survival kit

Mahayana Publications: An Anthology of Buddhist Teachings

Masterworks of Tibetan Painting Series

Masterworks of Ukiyo-E

A Matt Lester Spiritual Thriller

National Integration Language Series

New York Public Library Lectures in Humanities

NIAS Monograph Series

Nyingma Psychology Series

Oriënt-serie : een reeks geschriften van Oosterse wijsheid

Perfect Health Library

Portraits of Greatness

Problems of Philosophy

The Prophet

Records of civilization: sources and studies

The Religious Life of Man

Religious Perspectives

Rider pocket editions

Sacred Symbols

The Seven Deadly Sins, OUP

Signs of the Sacred

Sources of Chinese Tradition

Spiritual Biographies for Young Readers

Sri Caitanya Caritamrita

Srimad Bhagavatam

Studies in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism

SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies

Sutta Pitaka

Teachings of Don Juan

The Teachings of the Buddha [Wisdom Publications]

Teachings of the Dalai Lamas

Tenzing Norbu, Dharma Detective

Texts of Taoism

Thames and Hudson World of Art

Theosophical Manuals

Thinking in Action

Thorsons Principles of

The Tibet Journal

The Tibetan mystic path

Tibetan Translation Series

Time-Life Library of Art

Time-Life: The World's Wild Places


Treasures of Asia

The Treasury of Knowledge

Treasury of Precious Qualities

Treasury of the Buddhist Sciences

Tricycle book

Tsadra Foundation series

Tuttle Library of Enlightenment

Vinaya Texts

The Wheel Publication

Wisdom Advanced Book - Blue Series

Wisdom Basic Book - Orange Series

Wisdom of Pooh

Wisdom of Tibet

World Faiths

The World of Tibetan Buddhism

World Religions - Whitecap

World Religions Today

Writers & Readers ... for Beginners

YMAA Chi Kung Series

Zen & Zen Classics

Zen trilogy

Zen Writings Series