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Summary: 150 Series

African Trilogy

The Afterblight Chronicles

Alien Novels

Aliens Movie Novelization

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

The Andromeda Strain

Angelo di Stefano

Asimov's guide to science

Aspects of Power


The Bedford Anthology of World Literature

Bedford Series in History and Culture

Beklan Empire

The Best from Galaxy

Die bibliophilen Taschenbücher

The Biography of Manuel in order of publication

The Biography of the Life of Manuel

Black Current

Black Dragon

Blanche White

Bloom's Guides

Blossom Culp


Bulfinch's Mythology

Captain Nemo Trilogy

Cardboard Box of the Rings

Chicago Natural History Museum Popular Series

Childe Cycle

Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox

Chronicles of the Polesotechnical League (German numbering)

Cities in Flight: Chronological order

Cities in Flight: Publication order

Claire Malloy


CoDominium Internal Chronology

Commentaries on Living

The Continent of Mu

Crosstime Imperium

Cultural Atlas of the World

Darkover: Chronological order

Darkover: Friends of Darkover

Darkover: Publication order

Democracy in America


Dinosaur Planet


Dune: complete chronology


The Earth Chronicles


The Empire City

Essay Collections

The Extraordinary Voyages

Falkenberg's Legion

Fall of Night

Fearless Jones

Federated Sentient Planets Universe

Fontana History of the Ancient World



Foundation Expanded Universe

Future History

Georgia Trilogy

Gifford Lectures

Gods and Androids

The Gods of the Egyptians


Heinlein Juveniles

Herald Childe

History of the Concept of the Devil

Homer's Epic Cycle

The House of Earth

Hugh Corbett Medieval Mysteries

Hugo Fitzduane


Insights for a New Way of Living

International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction

The Invention of the White Race


Isaac Asimov Presents Great Science Fiction

Isaac Asimov's Robot Series

Island of the Blue Dolphins

John Grimes Chronology

John Grimes Rimworld

Journal of African Civilizations

Known Space


Lensman: Chronological order

Lensman: Publication order

Looking Backward series

Lord Peter Wimsey

The Mankind Series of Great Adventures of History

Mask of the Sun

Masters of Rome

Maya Angelou's Autobiographies

Myth Adventures

Myth and man

Myths & Legends

Myths and Legends

La métamorphose des Dieux



The Nile

The Occult Trilogy

The Odyssey Sequence

Oedipus Cycle

Off the Beaten Path

Osprey Combat Aircraft - 1st series

The Pelican History of Art

Penguin Modern Poets

The People

Planet of the Apes

Poetry from Illinois

Polesotechnic League

The Prophet


Richard Blade


The Rosicrucian Library

Rough Guide Music Guides

Sarton Journals

Sparknotes Literature Guide

Star Trek Adventures (Bantam)

Star Trek Adventures (Titan)

A Study of History

A Study of History - Somervell Abridgement

SUNY Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology

SUNY Series, Shaiva Traditions of Kashmir


Tales of the Wolves


Tarzani lood

Teachings of Don Juan

Teachings of the Pleiadians

Terran Empire

Theosophical Manuals

Time-Life Encyclopedia of Gardening

To Kill a Mockingbird

Travis McGee

A Trio for Lute

Truly Tasteless Jokes

Uppity Women

Upton Sinclair - Gesammelte Werke in Einzelausgaben [Malik]

Ursa Major

The Vampire Chronicles

Vampire the Masquerade

Warner's Greek Mythology

Winesburg, Ohio

Wold Newton Universe

YOU: The Owner's Manual