Book Events for chelseamay12

Events within the books in chelseamay12's library

10th Annual Hunger Games

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

1893 Chicago World's Fair



1967 Tony Awards

1986 Los Angeles Public Library fire

2020 U.S. Presidential Election

74th Annual Hunger Games

75th Annual Hunger Games

9/11 Attack on NY World Trade Center

Afghan Civil War

African-American Civil Rights Movement

American Civil War

American Revolution


Argentine Revolution of '43

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of Medgar Evers

Atomic bombing of Hiroshima

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Attempted suicide of Sylvia Plath

Battle of Borodino

Battle of Hogwarts

Battle of Kulikovo, 1380

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Battle of Waterloo

Big Bang

Birth of Margaret Norman

Black Lives Matter

The Blitz

Bombing of Berlin

Bombing of Coventry

Bombing of Nuremberg

Breaking of Purple

Building of the Brooklyn Bridge

Burning of the Library of Alexandria

Burr-Hamilton Duel

Butlerian Jihad

Cafe de Paris Bombing


California Gold Rush

Charleston church shooting

Chernobyl Disaster

Chicago World's Fair


Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Civil Rights Movement, USA

climate crisis

Cold War

Collapse of Theranos

Columbine School Shootings

Community Mental Health Act

Cuban Revolution of 1895-1898

D-Day, Normandy, France 1944

Death of Christopher McCandless

Dedication of Washington Monument

Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

Discovery of Radium

Duchess of Richmond's ball

Dust Bowl Era

Fall of Leningrad

Fall of the Berlin Wall

Formation of the National Security Agency

French Resistance

Fugitive Slave Act

Georgian Era

German occupation of France

Gilded Age

Goldwater Rule

Great Depression

The Great War

Hellmuth Affair


Hundred Days

Influenza pandemic

Jacobite Rebellion

Japanese surrender after World War II

Jazz Age

The King's Champion Contest

London Blitz

McCarthy Era

Monterrey Pop Festival

Munich Olympics massacre

Napoleon's invasion of Russia

Napoleonic Wars

Nazi Occupation of Poland

New Year's Day

New Year's Eve

Operation Bolivar

Operation Enduring Freedom

Oradour-sur-Glane fire, June 10, 1944

Pack Horse Library Project

Pearl Harbor Attack


Quarter Quell

Queen Elena's Quest


Regency Era

Rosenhan Experiment

Russian Revolution

Saur Revolution

Second Boer War, 1899-1902

September 11 Attacks

September 11th 2001

Siege at Ruby Ridge

Siege of Leningrad

Soviet-Afghan War

Spanish Civil War

Stonewall Riots

Summer Gala

Surrender of Germany in World War II

The Tri-Wizard Tournament

Trojan War

Vietnam War

VJ Day

War of 1812

When Stargirl leaves Arizona. She leaves few people, Leo, Archie, and dori.

World War I

World War II

World War II, Breaking of Enigma

World War II, German Occupation of France

World War II, German Occupation of Poland

World War II, German Occupation of the Channel Islands

World War II, Italian Campaign

World War III

World's Columbian Exposition



Zimmermann Telegram