Badges for gimboid13

See the WikiThing page for more about Helper Badges.

gold Author Pictures for help giving authors photographs and pictures (107)

gold Common Knowledge for contributions to Common Knowledge (2,054)

gold Helper for contributions to any area of LibraryThing (1,267)

gold Work Combination for help maintaining LibraryThing's work system (638)

silver Cover Uploading for uploading covers other members can use (143)

silver Distinct Authors for splitting homonymous authors into distinct authors (72)

silver Link Adding for adding web links (172)

bronze Author Combination for help combining author names together (27)

bronze Bookstores for adding new bookstores and fair/festivals to LibraryThing Local (17)

bronze Libraries for adding new libraries to LibraryThing Local (12)

bronze New Series for contributions to the new series system. (25)

bronze Venue Photos for help adding photos to bookstores, libraries and special events (21)

medal CoverGuess for playing the CoverGuess game

medal Fiver for members who've been on the site for five years.

medal Tenner for members who've been on the site for ten years.