Book Events for heff100

Events within the books in heff100's library

16th century

American Civil War

Ashes series

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

Athens Polytechnic uprising

Battle of Arras

Battle of Artemisium

Battle of Brisbane 1943

Battle of Mycale

Battle of Plataea

Battle of Salamis

Battle of the Hornburg

Battle of Thermopylae

Battle of Waterloo

Beheading game

Berlin Marathon

Black Death

British Association for the Advancement of Science - founding and early years

Caen Bombardment

California Gold Rush

Chinese Civil War

Chinese Revolution of 1949



Cold War

Coronation of Aragorn

The Council of Elrond

COVID-19 pandemic

Cultural Revolution


Death of Catherine of Aragon

Death of Katherine of Aragon

Destruction of Isengard

Destruction of the One Ring

Discovery of Jupiter's Moons

Discovery of Uranus

Divorce/annulment of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII

Dreyfus Affair

Duchess of Richmond's ball


End of the Third Age

English Civil War

English Reformation

Establishment of Israel

Execution of Anne Boleyn

Extinction of the dinosaurs

First Hot Air Balloon Flights

Frankenstein - writing of

French Revolution of 1848

Glorious Revolution

Gold Rush

Greco-Persian Wars

Harlem Renaissance


Hundred Years' War

Invention of Miner's Safety Lamp

Ionian Revolt

Iraqi war

Jack the Ripper Murders


James' move to England 1932

James' return to Trinidad 1958

Jazz Age

Kumbh Mela

Lancaster Assizes

Liberation of Paris

Liverpool Blitz

Long March

Marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Miner's Strike

Napoleonic Wars

New Year's Day

New York City Marathon

New York's Museum of Modern Art (Moma) to see Douglas Gordon's installation 24 Hour Psycho

Nuclear War

Operation Barbarossa

Operation Gladio

Operation Overlord

Papal Election

Peasants' Revolt

Pendle-Craven Witch Persecution

Pisonian conspiracy


Prague Spring

Prehistoric Age

quantum theory

Quest for the Holy Grail


Regime of the Colonels

Reign of Caligula

Reign of Henry VIII

San Fermin & Running of the Bulls

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Sbarco dei Mille

Second Persian Invasion of Greece

September 11 Attacks

Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia

Spanish Civil War

Strategy of Tension

The Summer of Black Rivers

Tate–LaBianca murders


Tour de France

Trinidad Independence Day 1962

Trojan War

Tudor Era

UK general election

Union Carbide Bhopal massacre

United States presidential election

Victorian Era

Vietnam War

Voyage of the HMS Endeavor

War of the Five Kings

War of the Ring

War on Terrorism

Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia

Whitlam Government Dismissal 1975

Witchcraft Statute of 1604

World War I

World War II

World War II, Batlle of Berlin

World War II, Eastern Front

World War III

World War Two

Yalta Conference

Years of Lead

The Yellow March