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12th century

13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

13th century

14th century



1792 Siege of Seringapatam


1799 Siege of Seringapatam

18-yr-old Rowan traumatized by Siglen on 'lifting to Callisto Tower




1903 Nobel Peace Prize for Physics

1911 Nobel Peace Prize for Chemistry

1918 influenza pandemic


1924 Kentucky Derby

1937 Recession

1985 Mexico City Earthquake

1986 Los Angeles Public Library fire


19th century

1st Beetle Attack on Deneb

4-yr-old Jeran Gwyn-Raven melds with in-utero Cera Gwyn-Raven to calm her after battle that she joined in

4-yr-old Rowan's Terror at entering spacecraft

74th Annual Hunger Games

75th Annual Hunger Games

Abdication of Edward VIII

Accession of Elizabeth I

Acquired claim to Sargol

Adams–Onís Treaty

Adoption of Varzil the Good's Compact of Honor

Afghan Civil War

Afghanistan War

African-American Civil Rights Movement

Age of Sail

Alaska Federation of Natives convention

Alien Invasion

Alien Landing

Amarna Period

American Civil War

American Declaration of Independence

American Indian Movement

American Revolution

American Tricentennial

Amy Robsart Dudley's death

Anatomy Act

Anglo-Spanish War

Anniversary Pancakes

Anti-Rent War

Anzio Landing

Apollo 11

Apollo program

Appin murder

Argentine Revolution of '43


Arrival at the Library

Arrival of the Klingons in Seattle

Arrival of the Mail Order Brides in Seattle

Arthurian England

Ash Wednesday Storm

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Assassination of Francis, Duke of Guise

Assassination of Gaspard de Coligny

Assassination of Henry III

Assassination of Henry, Duke of Guise

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of Russian imperial family

asteroid impact

Astronaut Program

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Attica Prison Riot

Augustine's conversion

Autumn Feast

Babington Plot

Bacon's Rebellion

Bal de l'Opera

Barbary Wars

Battle of Actium

Battle of Adowa

Battle of Adrianople

Battle of Agincourt

Battle of Assaye

Battle of Bosworth Field

Battle of Breitenfeld

Battle of Brenn

Battle of Britain

Battle of Buxar

Battle of Caen

Battle of Cannae

Battle of Coldwell Pass

Battle of Copenhagen

Battle of Crécy

Battle of Culloden

Battle of Delhi

Battle of Delville Wood

Battle of Evesham

Battle of Fort Sumter

Battle of Franklin

Battle of Hastings

Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of Jutland

Battle of Krefeld

Battle of Laverstoke

Battle of Lepanto

Battle of Leuctra

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Battle of Lincoln

Battle of Long Island

Battle of Maldon

Battle of Manticore

Battle of Marston Moor

Battle of Midway

Battle of Monica

Battle of Okinawa

Battle of Passchendaele

Battle of Plassey

Battle of Pollilur

Battle of Roncesvalles

Battle of Selma

Battle of Stamford Bridge

Battle of Stoney Creek

Battle of Thapsus

Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of the Dogger Bank

Battle of the Glein

Battle of the Hornburg

Battle of the Netherlands

Battle of the Nile

Battle of the Somme

Battle of the Virginia Capes

Battle of Torch

Battle of Trafalgar

Battle of Trenton

Battle of Waterloo

Battle of Worcester

Beetles return for second attack on Altair

Big Bang

Birth of Margaret Norman

Birth of twins Alastair and Conn of Hammerfell


Black Death

Blessing of the Fleet in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

The Blitz

Bluegrass Sheep Dog Trials

Boer War

Bombing of Coventry

Bombing of Dresden

Bombing of Libya

bombing of Salutation Street police station

Bosnian War

Boxer Rebellion

Braddock's Defeat

Bread Riot

Breaking of Purple

Breaking of the Compact

British Association for the Advancement of Science - founding and early years

British Raj

Broad Street Cholera Outbreak

Bronze Age

Building of the Brooklyn Bridge

Building of the Panama Canal

Building the First Transcontinental Railroad

Burning of the Library of Alexandria

Cafe de Paris Bombing


California Gold Rush

Chernobyl Disaster

Children's Crusade

Chilean Coup

Cholera Epidemic


Cocoanut Grove Night Club fire

Cold War

Colonization of other planets

Compromise of 1850

Continental Congress

Convention of the Estates-General of 1789

Coronation of George V


The Council of Elrond

Council of Trent

COVID-19 pandemic

Creation of Narnia

Creek War

Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction

Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event

Crimean War


Cultural Revolution


D-Day, Normandy, France 1944

Damia becomes Aurigae Prime

Dawn of the Space Age

The Death

Death and Resurrection of Aslan

Death of Alexander the Great

Death of Amenhotep I

Death of King Georg IV

Death of Moander

Death of St Teresa of Avila, 1582

Death of the White Witch

Declaration of Indulgence

The Deluge

Descente de la Courtille

Destruction of Earth

Destruction of Sandleford Warren

Diamond Jubilee


Disaster: Blizzard

Disaster: Dam Break

Disaster: Flood

Disaster: Infectious Disease

Disaster: Volcano Eruption

discovery of non-aggressive, pastoral hiver world

Discovery of Radium

Discovery of the double helix

Discovery of the Rimbold

Discovery of the Zero Stones

Discovery of Uranus

Doctor's Riot, 1788

Dorr Rebellion

Dracula Night

Dred Scott Decision

Duchess of Richmond's ball

Dunkirk Evacuation

East End Cholera Outbreak


Easter Rising, 1916

Edict of Amboise

Edict of Nantes

Edict of Saint-Germain

Edo period or Tokugawa period

The Egyptian Campaign

Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt

El Mozote Massacre

Election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency of the USA

Election of Jefferson Davis provisional president of Confederate States


Elite Conscription Act

Elizabethan Era

Emancipation Proclamation

End of the Library

English Civil War

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius

Evacuation of Boston

Evacuation of British Children in WW2