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African-American Civil Rights Movement

Albany Congress of 1754

Alcatraz Island occupation

American Civil War

American Indian Movement

American Revolution

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Bacon's Rebellion

Battle of Fallen Timbers

Battle of Fort Dearborn

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Battle of Lake George

Battle of Little Big Horn

Battle of Point Pleasant

Battle of the Alamo

Battle of the Little Bighorn

Battle of the Thames

Battle of Tippecanoe

Black Hawk War

Civil Rights Movement

Conquest of Latin America

Conquest of Mexico

Creek War

Dred Scott Decision

Emancipation Proclamation

First Seminole War

Fort Stanwix Treaty of 1768

Fort Stanwix Treaty of 1784

French and Indian War

Gnadenhütten Massacre

Grand Settlement of 1701

Haitian Revolution

Indian Wars, US

John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry

Johnson County War

King George's War

King Philip's War

Klondike Gold Rush

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Louisiana Purchase

Ludlow Massacre

Marching Strike of 1894

Mexican-American War

Nat Turner's slave rebellion

Nez Perce War

Paxton Boys Uprising

Pequot War

Pontiac's Rebellion

Pontiac's War

Proclamation of 1763

Queen Anne's War

Red Power movement

Removal of Native Americans

Sand Creek Massacre

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site opening

Seminole Wars

Seven Years' War

Siege of Wounded Knee

Slavery in colonial times and after the American Revolution

Spanish-American War

Tecumseh's Rebellion

Trail of Tears

Treaty of Easton

Treaty of Fort Atkinson

Treaty of Fort Finney

Treaty of Fort Laramie, 1851

Treaty of Fort Laramie, 1867

Treaty of Fort Stanwix of 1768

Treaty of Fort Stanwix of 1784

Treaty of Fort Wayne

Treaty of Greenville

Treaty of Lancaster

Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek

Treaty of New York

Treaty of Paris

Treaty of Tordesillas

trial of Reverend Corbett, Red River

War of 1812

World War II

Wounded Knee Massacre

Wounded Knee massacre, December 1890

Yamassee War