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Characters within the books in mamajen987's library

Summary: 1,969 Characters.

101st Airborne

A. L. P. Valrin

A. M. Stewart

A. P. Hill

Aaron Burr

Aaron, the Levite, older brother of Moses

Abaddon, angel of the Abyss "Apollyon" "Destruction"

Abba "God the Father"

Abdon, son of Hillel, from Pirathon, one of 6 minor judges in the Bible

Abe Mackay

Abiathar, son of Ahimelech, high priest

Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams Smith

Abigail Jane Stewert

Abishag, a Shunammite, warmed old King David

Abner Doubleday

Abner, commander of Saul's army

Abraham Baldwin

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Woodhull

Achish, king of Gath, son of Maoch

Adam Smith

Adams, John


Adelaide Dinsmore

Adelaide Tarr Gimmitch

Admiral Cockburn

Adolf Hitler

Adolphe Thiers

Adonijah, son of David and Haggith

Adoniram Judson

Adrien Petit

Adrienne Francoise de Noailles, Madame de Lafayette

Aedanus Burke

Agatha Christie

Agent 355

Agnes Difile

Ahab, King of Israel 874-853

Ahasuerus, king of Persia "Xerxes"

Ahimelech, son of Ahitub

Ahinoam, wife of David, daughter of Ahimaaz

Ahithophel, the Gilonite, David's counselor, hanged himself


Alan Devlin

Albert Blithe

Albert Ely

Albert Gallatin

Albert Gallatin Riddle

Albert Sidney Johnston

Alex Penkala

Alexander Burlinson

Alexander Gardner

Alexander H. Stephens

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hays

Alexander Pope

Alexander White

Alfred Davenport

Alfred North Whitehead

Alfred Waud

Alger Hiss

Alice Wilder

Allan Maclean

Allan Pinkerton

Allan Ramsay

Allen Tate

Allen Vest

Alleyne Fitzherbert

Almanzo Wilder

Alton Moore

Alvah Scarret

Ambrose E. Burnside

Amnon, son of David

Amos Holbrook

Amos, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible


Amy March

Ananias, husband of Sapphira, struck dead for lying to God

Ananias, of Damascus, high priest

Andre Le Notre

Andrea Curtin

Andrea Palladio

Andrei Taganov

Andrew Brown

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew H. Foote

Andrew Hill

Andrew J. Russell

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Oliver

Andrew Ramsay

Andrew, the Apostle, Simon Peter's brother, crucified

Andy Bean

Anetka Kaminska

Ann Harrod Adams

Ann Judson

Anna Mary Young

Anne Bingham

Anne Cox

Anne Royall

Anne Wallace

Anne, Queen of Great Britain

Anne-Louise Boivin D'Hardancourt Brillon de Jouy

Anne-Robert-Jacques, Baron de l'Aulne

Annette Bernier

Annie Davis

Anson Hurd

Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury

Anthony Benezet

Anthony Berger

Anthony Blunt

Anthony Burns

Anthony Wibird

Antipas of Pergamum, martyr

Antoinetta Viscardi

Antonio Garcia

Antonio López de Santa Anna

Archibald Bulloch


Arliss Coates


Arsinoë IV



Arthur Lambchop

Arthur Lee

Arthur MacArthur, Jr.

Arthur Onslow

Arthur Otway

Asa Gray

Asa, 910-869 BC, King of Judah

Asher, son of Jacob and Zilpah

Ashurbanipal, King of Assyria, son of Esarhaddon "Osnappar"

Augusta Elton

Augustus Pelletier

Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Aunt Adelaide

Aunt Chloe

Aunt Jane

Aunt Jane Alden

Aunt Jun-ying

Aunt Stanhope

Aunt Wealthy

Austen Heller

Austin Roe

Bainbridge, Commodore William

Balak, son of Zippor, king of the Moabites

Balph Eubank

Band of Brothers

Barabbas, criminal released instead of Jesus

Barak, sent by Deborah to defeat Sisera to free the Israelite people

Barbara Mooketsi

Barbrooke Grubb

Barnard E. Bee

Baron Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den Pol

Baron van Lynden van Hemmen

Barry Tucker

Bartholomeus van den Santheuvel

Bartholomew, the Apostle "Nathaniel"

Baruch Spinoza

Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, David's great sin

Beelzebub, prince of demons

Behemoth, possibly the hippopotamus

Bela Lincoln

Belial, sons of worthlessness "Satan" "Wicked One"


Bella Knightley

Belle Boyd

Ben Kudo

Ben Kuroki

Ben Nealy

Ben Valentine

Benedict Arnold


Benjamin Chew

Benjamin F. Butler

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Bache

Benjamin Franklin Wade

Benjamin H. Hill

Benjamin Hardin Helm

Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Lincoln

Benjamin M. Prentiss

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Rush

Benjamin Stoddert

Benjamin Waterhouse

Benjamin West

Benny Alden

Berenice IV

Bernard Law Montgomery

Berry Soetoro

Bertram Scudder

Berzelius "Buzz" Windrip

Beth Browning

Beth March

Betsy Cranch

Betty Hemings

Betty Pope

Bilhah, Rachel's maid, bore sons for Jacob



Black Horse Harry Lee

Blaise Pascal


Bob Hemings

Bob Parker

Boris Ponomarev


Boston Corbett


The Boy


Brandon Ortranger

Braxton Bragg


Brian O'Ferell

Bruce Walker

Bruce Wilkinson

Buck Titus

Bud Searcy

Bum Sanderson

Burton P. Christenson

C. F. Hoochera

Caesar Rodney

Caiaphas, high priest who plotted against Jesus

Caleb Brewster

Caleb, son of Jephunneh


Captain Daniel

Captain Frederick Tilney

Captain Huddy

Captain Raymond


Carl Fenstermaker

Carl Freyman

Carl Schurz

Carole Parker

Caroline Howard

Caroline Quiner Ingalls

Caroline Smith

Carolyn Carter

Carrie Ingalls

Carter Braxton

Carwood Lipton

Cassandra Dell Winston

Cassie Burpo

Cassius Marcellus Clay