Book Events for mariu911

Events within the books in mariu911's library

1986 Los Angeles Public Library fire

2016 US presidential election

2020 U.S. Presidential Election

74th Annual Hunger Games

75th Annual Hunger Games

Afghan Civil War

Age of Anarchy

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Attempted suicide of Sylvia Plath

Battle of Borodino

Battle of Dien Bien Phu

Battle of Hogwarts

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Black Death

The Blitz

Bronze Age

Burning of the Library of Alexandria

Burning of the Library of Alexandria, 48 BCE


Chernobyl Disaster

Civil Rights Movement, USA

Contagious Diseases Act

Day of Triumph

English Civil War

French Resistance

The Good Parliament

Great Depression

The Great Exhibition

Great Plague

Habitual Drunkards Act


Hundred Years' War

Killing Lila Zacharov

King Philip's War

The King's Champion Contest

Korean War

Matrimonial Causes Act

May Day

Medieval Era

Midsummer Day

Napoleon's invasion of Russia

Napoleonic Wars

Operation Enduring Freedom

Orphan Train

Peasants' Revolt

Quarter Quell

Queen Elena's Quest



Reign of Hadrian

Roman occupation of Britain

Salem Witch Trials

Salem witch trials

Second Titan War

Sepoy Mutiny

Sinking of the Titanic, 1912

Space Race

Spanish Civil War

St Mark's Eve

Student Protests


Summer Solstice

The Tri-Wizard Tournament

Trojan War

Vagrancy Act

Victorian Era

Wells Massacre

Whitechapel Murders

World War I

World War I, Western Front,

World War II

World War II, German Occupation of the Netherlands

World War III