Book Series for onemack

Series that books in onemack's library belong to

Summary: 579 Series

87th Precinct

Aaron Falk

Abby Mullen Thrillers

Abe Glitsky

Adam Dalgliesh

Adam Fawley

Adept by Finn

Adler and Dwyer

Adventures of a London Call Girl

Agatha Raisin

Agent Night Adventure Series

Aidan Waits

Alex McKnight

Alex Rourke

Alex St. James Mystery

Alexandra Cooper Mysteries

Allways Trilogy

Aloysius Archer

Alvirah and Willy

Amos Decker

Ana Grey novels

Anderson and Costello

Andrew Giobberti

Andy Horton

Angel Delaney Mysteries

Anna Cameron

Anna Travis

Ashe Cayne

Atlee Pine


Aud Torvingen

Un'avventura di Nathan McBride

B.C. Blues


The Barsetshire Chronicles

Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab

Belltree Trilogy

Ben Kincaid

Ben Reese

Between the Lines

Big Lake Mysteries

Bill Bryson's Complete Notes

Bill Bryson's Travels

Bill Gastner

Bill Slider

Bill Smith/Lydia Chin

Bill Tatum

The Bill Travis Mysteries

Bitter Roots Mysteries

Black Falls

Black Ops Inc.

Blackberry Island

The Blaine Trilogy

Bob Burns Investigates

Bob Lee Swagger

Bocephus Haynes


Books that Changed the World

Boysie Oakes

Brighton Quartet

Brigid Quinn

British Mystery Multipack

Brock And Kolla

Brock and Poole

Broken Shore


Brother Cadfael

The Brothers Sinister


Bullet Catchers

The Butcher's Boy

Call of Duty Series

Calladine & Bayliss

Canaan Crime Series

Capitaine Coste Investigations | The Banlieues Trilogy

Capitaine Victor Coste

Captain Chase

Carl Houseman

Carlotta Carlyle


Carol Jordan/Tony Hill

Cassie Black

Cassie Dewell


Cato Kwong

Caught Dead in Wyoming

The Cemetery of Forgotten Books

Charles Jenkins

Charles Thoroughgood

Charlie Berlin

Charlie Crawford Mystery

Charlie Fox Thriller

Charlie Parker

The Checquy Files

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache

Chris Honeysett Murder Mystery

Christopher Paget

Claire Codella Mysteries

Cliff Hardy

Clyde Barr

Cody Hoyt

Cole and Hitch

Coleman's Jesse Stone

Commissario Brunetti

The Confessions

Cooper and Fry

Cordelia Gray

Cork O'Connor

Cormac Reilly

Cormoran Strike

Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective


Criminal Profiler

Crush Mystery

D.D. Warren

D.I. Munro and D.S. West

Dalziel and Pascoe

Dan Reno

Dana Cutler

A Dance to the Music of Time

Daniel McEvoy

Daniel Trokic

Danny Haase Mystery

Dark Iceland

Darren Glasss

Darren Street

David Hunter

David Loogan

David Trevellyan

David Webb Mysteries

David Wolf

DC Ebony Willis

DC Fiona Griffiths

DC Goodhew

DC Jack Warr

DC Smith

DCI Craig Gillard

DCI Jack Hawksworth

DCI Logan

DCI Lorimer

DCI Michael Lambert

DCI Michael McKenna

DCI Morton

DCI Warren Jones

Dead Detective

Deb Ralston

Decker & Lazarus

Deep Web

Dennis Milne

Department Q

Derek Strange & Terry Quinn

The Destroyer

Detective Betty

Detective Casey Wray

Detective Clare Mackay

Detective Henk van der Pol

Detective Kate Young

Detective Maddie Ives

Detective Mark Pemberton

Detective Natalie Ward

Detective Shelly Caldwell Mysteries

Detective Wade Jackson

Detectives Kane and Alton

Dev Haskell Mystery

Devlin and Falco

DI Barton

DI Callanach

DI Dan Clement and Snowy Lane

DI Fenchurch

DI Grace Fisher

DI Joe Faraday

DI Kelso Strang

DI Liam McLusky

DI Mike Mulcahy

DI Nick Dixon

DI Tanner

Dickson McCunn trilogy


Dismas Hardy


A Dizzy Heights Mystery

Doan and Carstairs Mysteries

Don Tillman

Donovan Creed

Douglas Brodie

Dr Anya Crichton

DS Aector McAvoy

DS Alexandra Cupidi

DS Imogen Grey

DS Jack Mackinnon

DS Karen Hart

DS Merry & DI Neal

Dublin Murder Squad

Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James

Eddie Dougherty

Edie Kiglatuk

Edith Trilogy

Ellery Hathaway

Elliot Rook, QC

Elvis Cole