Book Events for sdpbooks

Events within the books in sdpbooks's library


Attempted suicide of Sylvia Plath

Babington Plot

Battle of the Bulge

Berlin Airlift


Bombing of Dresden

Credit crunch

The Day of the Dead

Detroit Riot


England beat Australia at Cricket

February Revolution

French and Indian War

Great Fire of Smyrna

Greco-Turkish War

Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany


Hungarian Revolution of 1956

Jazz Age

Kornilov affair

Kuban Offensive

Marriage of Charles and Diana

Martian invasion of Earth

Napoleonic Wars

Nazi seizure of power

October Revolution

Prague Spring

President Clinton's Impeachment

Prohibition in the United States

Resignation of Richard M. Nixon

Russian Civil War

Russian Revolution

Russo-Japanese War

San Francisco Earthquake

Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia

Taishō period

The Troubles

Victorian Era

Vietnam War

Vyoshenskaya Uprising

War on Terror

Weimar Republic

Whitechapel Murders

World War I

World War II

World War III

World's Fair Barcelona