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Summary: 286 Series

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Alex Cross

Alice's Adventures

American Gods

The Andromeda Strain

Anita Blake Comics

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

Anne of Green Gables {L. M. Montgomery}

Anne Rice's The Tale of the Body Thief

Anthony Horowitz's Sherlock Holmes

Après Dune

Arcane Ascension

Ariadne Oliver

Avalon, Chronological Order

Avalon, Published Order


Avaryan Resplendent

The Axis Trilogy

Bartholomew Cubbins

The Belgariad

Belgariad universe

The Black Jewels Series

Black Widowers Mysteries

Blue Ant

Blue Bloods

Borderlands [Anthologies]

The Borrowers

Bridge Trilogy

The Bronze Canticles

Calhoun Family

California Historical

Calvin and Hobbes

Captain Nemo Trilogy

Chainfire Trilogy

Chan Dalton

Chiril Chronicles

The Christmas Books of Charles Dickens

Chronicles of Amber

Chronicles of Athas

Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia, Chronological by story

Chronicles of the Black Company

Die Chroniken von Telnaria


Classics for Young Readers

Coldfire Trilogy

Colonel Race



Crown of Stars {Kate Elliott}

Dark Horse

Dark Sun

The Dark Tower

The Death Gate Cycle

The Demon Wars Saga


Deverry Cycle


The Diaries of the Family Dracul

The Divine Comedy

The Dragon Mage

Dragon Prince

Dragon Star

Dragonlance - chronological {shared universe}

Dragonlance: Chronicles {Weis & Hickman}

Dragonlance: Heroes

Dragonlance: Heroes II

Dragonlance: Legends

Dragonlance: Preludes

Dragonlance: Preludes I

Dragonlance: The Lost Chronicles

Dragonlance: The Raistlin Chronicles

Dragonlance: The Second Generation

Dragonlance: The Warriors

Dragonships of Vindras

Dragonvarld Trilogy


Dune: complete chronology

The Earthsea Cycle

Eileanan Universe

The Elenium

The Elenium and the Tamuli

Ender's Game: Extended

Ender's Shadow


The Ephemera Series

The Extraordinary Voyages

The Fey

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

The Forever King

Forgotten Forest

Forgotten Realms - Druidhome

Forgotten Realms novels

Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow

Forgotten Realms: Paths of Darkness

Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt

Forgotten Realms: The Sellswords

Fortune's Rocks Quartet


Foundation Expanded Universe

Frank Balenger

Frog and Toad

Die Gabria-Saga

Gemma Doyle

Geschichten aus der Diebeswelt

Girls of Many Lands

The Golden Key


Gord the Rogue

Great Illustrated Classics

Green Town


Greyhawk Adventures

Halfblood Chronicles

Hannibal Lecter Series

Happy Days

The Hardy Boys

Harold Shea

Harry Bosch

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Movies

The Heirs of the Dragonlance


Hercule Poirot

The Heritage of Shannara

His Dark Materials

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hollows

Homer's Epic Cycle

The Host

The Hound and the Falcon

Hyperion Cantos

I, Strahd

Icewall Trilogy

Imriel Trilogy

Indian in the Cupboard


The Junior Classics: The Young Folks' Shelf of Books

Jurassic Park {Crichton novels}


The Kingdoms

The Kissing Hand

Kushiel's Legacy

The Lady Penitent

Land of the True Game

Land of the True Game: Chronological order

Land of the True Game: Peter

Legends of Lone Wolf

Little Bo

Lives of the Mayfair Witches

The Lord of the Rings

Mageborn Exiles

Magic Books Reading Order

The Magic Kingdom of Landover

Magister Trilogy

The Malloreon

Matthew Corbetts World

Matthew Shardlake

Memory, Sorrow and Thorn {Tad Williams}

Midnight Place


Mississippi Series


Mithgar Chronology

Moirin Trilogy

Moontide and Magic Rise

Moose Flanagan


Myst: Chronological Order

Myst: Publication Order


The New Jedi Order: Force Heretic

The New Junior Classics: The Young Folks' Shelf of Books

New Tales of the Vampires

The Nobles

Oedipus Cycle

The Once and Future King

The Oran Trilogy

The Oresteia

Osten Ard {Tad Williams}


Owen Archer


Oz : Baum

Oz : Famous Forty

Oz : Thompson



The Pendragon Cycle

Pennyfoot Hotel Mysteries


Pern: Dragonriders of Pern: original trilogy {Anne McCaffrey}

Pern: Renegades of Pern

Peter Rabbit

Philip Jose Farmer's The Dungeon

Phèdre Trilogy

Practical Magic

Prism Pentad

Queen's Thief

Ramses the Damned