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Characters within the books in visionvsl's library

Summary: 388 Characters.

Aaron, brother of Moses

Abba "God the Father"

Abednego, of the fiery furnace

Abel, son of Adam and Eve, killed by Cain

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham, father of Issac, husband of Sarai "Abram"

Adam, father of Cain, Abel

Ahab, King of Israel

The Alchemist

Alicia "Lissa" Dewar



Amos, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible

Ancient of Days, God

Andrew, the Apostle, Simon Peter's brother

Angel of the Lord, God

  • New American Bible (Genesis 16,22,Judges 2,6,13,1 Kings 19:5-8,2 Kings 1:3,19:35,Psalm 34:7,Matthew 2:13-14,28:2-7,Luke 2)

Annas ben Seth

Annas, high priest, questioned Jesus

Antichrist, one who puts himself in place of Christ

Antiochus IV Epiphanes, 175-164 BC

Apollos, of Alexandria

Aquila, husband of Pricilla


Asaph, psalmist

  • New American Bible (1 Chronicles 6:31-39,15:19,16:4-6,37,2 Chronicles 5:12,29:30,Psalm 50,73-83)

Athanasius, c. 296-373

Augustus Caesar, Roman Emperor

Baal, god of Asia Minor

Baasha, King of Israel


Balaam's Donkey

Barabbas, criminal released instead of Jesus

Barack Obama

Barnabas, a Levite from Cyprus "also named Joseph"

Bartholomew, the Apostle "Nathaniel"

Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, David's great sin

Beelzebub, prince of demons

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin, son of Jacob, brother of Joseph

Bereans, searched the Scriptures

Bernard Clark

Bill Clinton

The Blue Man

Boaz, husband of Ruth

Bond Alexander

Brianna Randall MacKenzie

Bronze Snake

Brother Lawrence

Bruce M. Metzger

Bulos Galib

The Businessman

Caesar, Roman Emperor "Caesar Augustus"

  • New American Bible (Matthew 22:20-21,Mark 12:16-17,Luke 2:1-4,20:24-25,John 19:12,Acts 17:7)


Caiaphas, high priest who plotted against Jesus

  • New American Bible (Matthew 26:3-5,57-68,Mark 14:1-2,53-65,Luke 22:1-2,67-71,John 11:47-53,18:24)

Cain, son of Adam and Eve, killed his brother Abel

Caleb, son of Jephunneh

  • New American Bible (Numbers 13:30,14:6-38,Deuteronomy 1:36,Joshua 14:6-15,15:16-19,Judges 1:11-20)

Camilla Traynor

Canaan, grandson of Noah

The Captain

Cardinal Sebastian

Catherine Marshall

Celsus, 2nd century

Cephas "Simon Peter"


Charles-Roland Gull

Cherubim, angels

  • New American Bible (Genesis 3:24,Exodus 25:17-22,37:7-9,Numbers 7:89,1 Kings 6:23-35,8:6-7,Ezekiel 41:17-20,Hebrews 9:5)


Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser

Codi Noline

Collins, Anthony, 1676-1729

The Conceited Man

Creator "God" "Lord"

  • New American Bible (Genesis 14:19-22,Deuteronomy 32:6,Ecclesiastes 12:1,Isaiah 40:28-31,43:15,Matthew 19:4,1 Peter 4:19)

The crystal merchant

Cullen Story

Cuspius Fadus

Cyrus II, King of Persia

  • New American Bible (2 Chronicles 36:22-23,Ezra 1:1-8,3:7,4:3-5,5:13-17,6:14,Isaiah 44:28-45:13)


Dan, son of Jacob

Daniel, the Prophet, survived the lion's den

David, King of Israel

Deborah, the prophet, one of judges in the Bible

Delilah, Samson's demise

Della Layton

Doc Homer

Donald Shimoda

Dorcas, Peter raised from the dead "Tabitha"

The Drunkard

Eben Alexander III

Eben Alexander IV


Edgar Cayce

Ehud, one of judges in the Bible, delivered Israel from Moabites


Eli, the priest

Elijah, the Prophet, did not die, was taken up in a whirlwind

Elisha, the Prophet

Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist

The Englishman


Enoch, father of Methuselah, walked with God, did not die - taken by God

Erasmus, Desiderius, ca. 1469-1536

Esau, son of Isaac

  • New American Bible (Genesis 25:21-34,26:34-35,27:1-45,28:6-9,32:3-21,33:1-17,35:28-29,36:1-43)

Esther, Queen of Persia, cousin of Mordecai

Ethiopian eunuch, Philip baptized him

Eusebius of Caesarea, 260/265–339/340

Eve, wife of Adam, mother of Cain, Abel

Ezekiel, the Prophet

Ezra, the scribe, priest

Farris Effandi Karamy

Father "God the Father"

  • New American Bible (Psalm 89:26,Isaiah,Jeremiah 3,Malachi 2,Matthew,Mark,Luke,John,Acts 1-2,Romans,1&2 Corinthians,Galatians,Ephesians,Philippians,Colossians,1&2 Thessalonians,1 Timothy 1,2 Timothy 1,Titus 1,Philemon 3,Hebrews,James,1 Peter 1,2 Peter 1,1 John,2 John,Jude 1,Revelation)

Father Carl

Father Costous

Father Sanchez


Fenton John Anthony Hort

Fergus Claudel Fraser

Fletcher Lynd Seagull

The Fox

Francis of Assisi

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Friday [in Robinson Crusoe]

Gabriel, the Archangel


Gas station proprietor

The Geographer

George Gurdjieff

George W. Bush

Georgina Traynor

Gerald Hawthorne

Gideon, son of Joash, one of judges in the Bible

God "Elohim" "Yahweh"

Goliath, the giant Philistine

Good Shepherd


The Gypsy fortune teller

Habakkuk, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible

Hagar, Sarah's servant, mother of Ishmael

Haggai, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible

Hallie Noline

Ham, son of Noah

Hannah, wife of Elkanah, mother of Samuel

Harry Reid

Henry Calvin Gull

Henry David Thoreau

Herod Agrippa I "Marcus Julius Agrippa"

Herod Agrippa II, son of the Herod Agrippa I "Marcus Julius Agrippa"

Herod Antipas

Herod Antipas, son of Herod the Great "Antipater"

Herod the Great

Herod, the Great, King of Judea

Hezekiah, King of Judah

Hildegard of Bingen

Holley Alexander

Holy Spirit "Holy Ghost"

  • New American Bible (Psalm 51,Isaiah 63,Matthew 1,3,12,28,Mark 1,Luke 1,3,4,11,John 1,14,Acts 1,2,4,5,8,9,11,13,19,1 Corinthians 6,Ephesians 1,4,Hebrews 2,Peter 1,Jude 17-21)

Hosea, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible

I Am, God's response when Moses asked His name

  • New American Bible (Exodus 3:13-14,Isaiah 44:6,John 8:58,Revelation 1:8,17-18,21:6,22:12-13)

Ian Murray "Young Ian"

Immanuel, the Virgin's Son, seed of David, Prince of Peace

Irenaeus, c. 130-202

Isaac, son of Abraham and Sarah

  • New American Bible (Genesis 21:1-10,22:1-18,24:62-67,25:5-6,11,Hebrews 11:17-20,James 2:20-24)

Isaiah, the Prophet

Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar

Israel "God's chosen people"

  • New American Bible (Exodus 3:10,5:1,19:3-5,40:38,2 Samuel 7:23-24,Romans 9:4-5,1 Peter 2:4-12)

Israel, wrestled with God "Jacob"

Jacob, husband of Rachel, son of Isaac "Israel"

Jairus, daughter raised by Jesus

James Redfield

James “Jamie” Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

James, the Apostle, son of Zebedee

Jehoshaphat, King of Judah

Jehovah, "Lord" "Yahweh" "YHWH"

Jeremiah, the prophet

Jeroboam II, King of Israel

Jerome, 331-420

Jesse, grandson of Ruth, father of King David

Jesus, of Nazareth "Christ"

Jezebel, wicked queen, wife of Ahab

Job, challenged by satan

Jocasta MacKenzie Cameron

Joel, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible

John Hyrcanus I

John Mark, son of Mary

John Mill

John the Baptist

John the Elder

John, the Apostle

John, the Baptist, son of Zacharias and Elizabeth

Jonah, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible, swallowed by a large fish

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan, Prince of Israel, son of Saul

Joseph of Arimathea

Joseph, Jesus' father

Joseph, of Arimathea, Jesus placed in his tomb

Joseph, son of Jacob, brother of Benjamin

Josephine "Josie" Clark

Josephus, Flavius, 37-c. 100

Joshua, the battle of Jericho

Juan Hinton

Judah, son of Jacob

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot, betrayed Jesus

  • New American Bible (Matthew 26:14-25,47-49,27:1-10,Mark 14:10-11,Luke 22:1-6,John 13:21-27)

Judas of Galilee

Jude, brother of James


Kahlil Gibran

Karla Deez

Katrina "Treena" Clark


The King

King of kings

Kirk Maynard Gull

Lahiri Mahasaya

Lamb of God

The Lamplighter

Lazarus, brought back to life by Jesus

Lazarus, poor man in Jesus' parable

Leah, daughter of Laban, wife of Jacob

Levi, son of Jacob

The Little Prince

Lord "Yahweh"

  • New American Bible (Genesis 2,7,18,Exodus 3-40,Leviticus 1-27,Numbers 1-6,8-21,25,26-29,31-35,Deuteronomy 1:34-42,2-9,10-17,18-27,28-31,32:48-52,33-34,Joshua 1:1-9,3:7-8,4:1-3,14-15,5:2,9,6:2-5,27,7:6-15,8:1-2,18-19,10:7-14,11:6,13:1-7,20:1-6,21:43-45,24:2-15,Judges 1:1-2,2:10-23,3:7-15,4:1-3,6-7,10:6-16,13:1,16:28-30,20:18-36)

Lord God Almighty

Lord God of Israel

  • New American Bible (Exodus 32,Joshua 7,10,13,14,24,Judges 4-6,11,21,1 Samuel 10,14,20,23,25,2 Samuel 12,1 Kings 1,8,14-17,2 Kings 9,18-22,2 Chronicles 6,Ezra 4,6,7,9,Psalm 41,Jeremiah 7,9,11,13,16,21,23-25,30,42,45-46,Malachi 2,Luke 1)

Lot's Wife, became a pillar of salt

Lot, rescued from Sodom and Gomorrah

Louisa "Lou" Elizabeth Clark

Luke, the Evangelist, physician

Magi, astrologers from the east who visited Jesus

Malachi, writer of one of prophetic books in the Bible


Malia Obama

Mansour Bey Galib

Marcion of Sinope, c. 85–c. 160

Mareta Deez



Mark, the Evangelist, associate of Peter "John Mark"

Martha, sister of Mary and Lazarus

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin William Seagull

Martyr, Justin, 100-166

Mary Clarke

Mary Magdalene, went to Jesus' tomb Easter morning

Mary, mother of Jesus

Matthew, the Apostle, brother of James "Levi"

Matthias, the Apostle


  • New American Bible (2 Kings 17:6,18:11,Ezra 6:2,Esther 1:19,Isaiah 13:17,Jeremiah 25:25,51:11,28,Daniel 5:28,6:8,12,15,9:1,Acts 2:9)


Melchizedek, king of Salem

The Merchant

Messiah "Savior"