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1178 Janos sired by Faethor and Marilena Zirra

14th century

1672 Death of a rake

16th century






17th century

18th century

1929 Janos' castle and Hutchinson destroyed by an explosion

1931 Faethor returns to Janos' castle

1943 Faethor killed in US bombing of Ploiesti

1945 Boris Dragosani conceived on Thibor's tomb

1953 Dragosani discovered Thibor's tomb.

1957 Harry Keogh

1963 Mary murdered by Shukshin.


1976 Keenan Gormley invites Harry to join INTESP (E-Branch), Dragosani becomes Thibor's egg-son

1977 Harry Jr and Brenda vanish

1977 Shukshin killed in fight with Harry...and his mother, Keenan Gormley killed by Max Batu, Dragosani destroys Thibor, Harry first uses Mobius Continuum, Showdown between Harry and Boris at Chateau Bronnitsy, The Yulian Bodescu affair

1980 Perchorsk Projekt is begun


1982 The Perchorsk Incident

1983 Janos possesses the body of George Vulpe


1985 Harry Jr robs Harry of his powers

1985 Jazz Simmons discovers the Gate at Perchorsk Harry first travels to Starside

1985 Mexico City Earthquake

1989 The Janos Ferenczy affair / Harry infected by Faethor's spores

19th century

1st century BCE

9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Twin Towers and Pentagon

Afghan Civil War

African-American Civil Rights Movement

Age of Sail

AIDS epidemic

Aiel War

Alien Invasion

American Civil War

American Declaration of Independence

American Indian Movement

American Revolution

The Anarchy

Anglo Saxon period

Anglo-Spanish War

Anti-Rent War

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Appin Murder


Assassination attempt on Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Assassination attempt on George Washington

Assassination attempt on Jackson

Assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Assassination of James A. Garfield

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of Julius Caesar

Assassination of Long

Assassination of William McKinley

Astor Place Theater Riots

Atomic bombing of Hiroshima

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Attica Prison Riot

Babington Plot

Bacon's Rebellion

Balangiga Revolt

Bar Fight


Battle of Anzio

Battle of Britain

Battle of Bunker Hill

Battle of Canary Warf, Torchwood 1, London, England, UK

Battle of Chancellorsville

Battle of Culloden

Battle of Dien Bien Phu

Battle of El Alamein

Battle of Five Armies

Battle of Fort Sumter

Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Gallipolli

Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of Hoth

Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of Kasserine Pass

Battle of Lincoln

Battle of Long Island

Battle of Monmouth Courthouse

Battle of Saratoga

Battle of the Blackwater

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Hornburg

Battle of the Solent

Battle of the Somme

Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916

Battle of Trenton

Battle of Waterloo

Beat Generation

Big Bang

Birth of Margaret Norman

Black Death

Black Friday

Black Lives Matter

Black Thursday

Black Tuesday

The Blitz

Bloody Sunday

Bombing of Dresden

Bombing of Libya

Boxer Rebellion

Building the First Transcontinental Railroad

The Burning Man Festival

Burning of Anne Askew

Butlerian Jihad

Buzzards Bay Bouchard oil spill

c.1480 Bound in iron and silver chains, Thibor was buried on a hill near Dragosani, Romania by Faethor and Mircea the Monk

c.1500 Faethor tracks down and destroys Janos

c.1700 Edward Hutchinson obtains lease on Janos' castle

c.300BC Belos Pheropzis emerges from the Gate into the Hell-lands?

Chappaquiddick Incident

Cherry Hill Mining Disaster

Chicago World's Fair

Chicago World's Fair 1893

Children's Act

Chilean Coup

Classical Antiquity

Clutter family murder

Cold War

Colonizing the New World

Columbine School Shootings

Coronation of Aragorn

The Council of Elrond

Court Martial of Captain Charles B. McVay, III

Crimean War

Criminal Lunatics Act

Cuban Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

Cádiz Raid


D-Day, Normandy, France 1944

Death of Christopher McCandless

Death of Diana, Princess of Wales

Death of Henry VIII, King of England

Death of King George III

The death of Richard I

Destruction of Earth

Destruction of Isengard

Destruction of the One Ring

Detroit Riot

The Disappearance of the Dolphins

Discovery of Fillory

Discovery of Radium

Dissolution of the Monasteries

Dorr Rebellion

Dot-com bust

Dred Scott Decision

Dreyfus Affair

Dunkirk Evacuation

El Mozote Massacre

Election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency of the USA

Election of Jefferson Davis provisional president of Confederate States

Elizabethan Era

End of the Third Age

End of the Universe

End of World War I

English Civil War

English Reformation

Evacuation of Boston


Execution of Catherine Howard

Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

Expedition of the Thousand

Extinction of Homo sapiens

February Revolution

Feminist Movement

First cattle drive from Texas to Montana

First Opium War

Flour Riot of 1837

Franco-Prussian War

Freedom Ride

French and Indian War

French Revolution

French Wars of Religion

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

Funeral of Edward VII, 1910

Gettysburg Campaign

Gilded Age

Golden Age of Comic Books

Good Friday Agreement, Belfast

Great Depression

The Great Exhibition

The Great Fire of Ankh-Morpork

Great Fire of London

Great Fire of Smyrna

The Great War

The Great Wars

Greco-Turkish War

Greek Civil War

Gunpowder Plot


Halloween 1958

Hartford circus fire

Haymarket Massacre

Henry VIII Great Progress

Hindenburg disaster

Hiroshima Bombing

Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany


Horus Heresy

Hundred Years' War

Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Katrina

Hyborian Age

Impeachment and Trial of President Bill Clinton

Indira Ghandi's assassination

Indonesian Invasion of East Timor

Influenza pandemic

Invasion of Grenada

invention of the printing press

Iran-Contra Affair

Iranian Revolution

Iraq War

Iraqi war

Irish Potato Famine

Italian Risorgimento

Jacobite Rebellion

Jacobite Rising of 1745

Japanese surrender after World War II

Japanese-American Internment

Jazz Age

John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Kefauver Senate Hearings

Kett's Rebellion

Korean War

The Last Great Time War

Lawrence Mill Strikes

Lebanese Civil War

London Blitz

Luddite Movement

Manhattan Project

Massacre of Vassy

May Day

Mayaguez incident

Mexican-American War

Middle Ages