Controversial Books for wtng

This page shows the most "controversial" books in this library, as measured by the highest standard deviation of members' star ratings.

Standard Deviation Average Rating Your Rating Title
1.409 2.78 Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
1.118 3.73 Lost Victories by Erich von Manstein
1.061 4 Omaha Beach: D-Day, June 6, 1944 by Joseph Balkoski
1.056 3.47 Invasion: They're Coming by Paul Carell
1.025 3.83 IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation by Edwin Black
1.019 3.81 A Time for Trumpets: The Untold Story of the Battle of the Bulge by Charles B. MacDonald
1.019 4.1 Eisenhower's Lieutenants: The Campaign of France and Germany, 1944-1945 by Russell F. Weigley
0.987 4.07 The War: An Intimate History, 1941-1945 by Geoffrey C. Ward
0.986 3.83 Scorched Earth: The Russian-German War 1943-1944 by Paul Carell
0.985 3.67 The Pacific War by John Costello
0.982 3.79 Rising '44: The Battle for Warsaw by Norman Davies
0.972 4.09 I Could Never Be So Lucky Again by James Doolittle
0.966 3.76 The Order of the Death's Head: The Story of Hitler's SS by Heinz Höhne
0.966 3.94 Silent Victory: The U.S. Submarine War Against Japan by Clay Blair
0.96 4.17 War Diaries, 1939-1945: Field Marshall Lord Alanbrooke by Viscount Alan Brooke Alanbrooke
0.952 3.83 Parachute Infantry: An American Paratrooper's Memoir of D-Day and the Fall of the Third Reich by David Kenyon Webster
0.938 3.66 Black Edelweiss: A Memoir of Combat and Conscience by a Soldier of the Waffen-SS by Johann Voss
0.922 3.75 The Road to Arnhem: A Screaming Eagle in Holland by Donald R. Burgett
0.917 3.78 Hitler's Table Talk by Adolf Hitler
0.907 3.99 Beyond Band of Brothers by Dick Winters
0.907 3.85 If You Survive: From Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge to the End of World War II, One American Officer's Riveting True Story by George Wilson
0.895 4.14 Russia at War: 1941-1945 by Alexander Werth
0.883 4.02 Decision in Normandy by Carlo D'Este
0.878 3.96 Overlord: D-Day and the Battle for Normandy by Max Hastings
0.877 4.14 Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley
0.876 4 The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad by Harrison E. Salisbury
0.872 4.24 A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II by Gerhard L. Weinberg
0.872 3.8 Before Stalingrad: Barbarossa, Hitler's Invasion of Russia 1941 (Battles & Campaigns) by David M. Glantz
0.872 3.88 Call of Duty: My Life before, during and after the Band of Brothers by Lt. Lynn Compton
0.868 3.88 Easy Company Soldier: The Legendary Battles of a Sergeant from World War II's "Band of Brothers" by Don Malarkey
0.859 4.07 Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945 by Leo Marks
0.857 3.86 Helmet for My Pillow: From Parris Island to the Pacific by Robert Leckie
0.848 4.08 Incredible Victory by Walter Lord
0.84 4.13 Dresden: Tuesday, February 13, 1945 by Frederick Taylor
0.838 4.06 Last Battle: The Classic History of the Battle for Berlin by Cornelius Ryan
0.837 3.93 Is Paris Burning? by Larry Collins
0.829 3.84 Tigers in the Mud: The Combat Career of German Panzer Commander Otto Carius by Otto Carius
0.827 4.15 Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth by Gitta Sereny
0.825 4.08 Company Commander by Charles B. MacDonald
0.822 3.32 Rommel by Desmond Young
0.82 3.8 Six Armies in Normandy: From D-Day to the Liberation of Paris by John Keegan
0.817 4.29 The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer
0.817 4.13 The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day by Cornelius Ryan
0.816 4.11 Fortress Malta: An Island under Siege 1940-1943 by James Holland
0.815 4.08 Miracle at Midway by Gordon W. Prange
0.812 4.01 The Road to Stalingrad by John Erickson
0.812 3.92 Biggest Brother: The Life Of Major Dick Winters, The Man Who Led The Band of Brothers by Larry Alexander
0.812 4.01 Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad by William Craig
0.811 4.21 Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest by Stephen E. Ambrose
0.811 3.88 Soldat: Reflections of a German Soldier, 1936-1949 by Siegfried Knappe
0.81 3.98 The Struggle for Europe by Chester Wilmot
0.805 4.13 D-Day June 6 1944: the Climatic Battle of World War II by Stephen E. Ambrose
0.804 4.12 Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945 by Max Hastings
0.802 4.15 A Bridge Too Far by Cornelius Ryan
0.797 3.62 The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s Over Germany 1944-45 by Stephen E. Ambrose
0.791 4.29 The Second World War {complete} by Winston S. Churchill
0.785 3.8 Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary by Traudl Junge
0.779 3.74 Panzer Battles: A Study of the Employment of Armor in the Second World War by F. W. Mellenthin
0.776 4.1 At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor by Gordon W. Prange
0.774 3.93 History of the Second World War by B. H. Liddell Hart
0.774 4.24 An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942–1943 by Rick Atkinson
0.772 3.91 A Soldier's Story by Omar N. Bradley
0.772 4.04 Citizen Soldiers: The U. S. Army from the Normandy Beaches to the Bulge to the Surrender of Germany by Stephen E. Ambrose
0.772 3.6 The Battle of Britain: The Myth and the Reality by Richard Overy
0.771 4.11 Samurai! by Saburo Sakai
0.763 3.93 Eisenhower: A Soldier's Life by Carlo D'Este
0.76 3.95 Day of Infamy by Walter Lord
0.76 4.23 Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent 1934-1941 by William L. Shirer
0.759 3.92 The Rommel Papers by Erwin Rommel
0.758 3.87 Blood Red Snow: The Memoirs of a German Soldier on the Eastern Front by Gunter K Koschorrek
0.756 3.72 Knight's Cross : A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel by David Fraser
0.75 4.29 The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer
0.75 3.76 The Foxes of the Desert by Paul Carell
0.75 3.73 The Trail of the Fox by David Irving
0.749 4.38 With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa by E. B. Sledge
0.743 3.9 Pegasus Bridge: June 6, 1944 by Stephen E. Ambrose
0.738 4.1 The Fall of Berlin 1945 by Antony Beevor
0.735 4.16 Hitler's U-Boat War: The Hunted: 1942-1945 by Clay Blair
0.73 4.21 The Sergeant in the Snow by Mario Rigoni Stern
0.73 4.08 The African Trilogy by Alan Moorehead
0.728 3.98 The Longest Winter: The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of WWII's Most Decorated Platoon by Alex Kershaw
0.728 3.95 D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor
0.726 3.97 Achtung - Panzer! The Development of Tank Warfare by Heinz Guderian
0.725 3.77 Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict, 1941-45 by Alan Clark
0.725 3.94 The Road to Berlin: Stalin`s War with Germany, Volume Two by John Erickson
0.713 4.2 Stalingrad by Antony Beevor
0.71 3.92 When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler (Modern War Studies) by David M. Glantz
0.705 4.34 The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy, 1943–1944 by Rick Atkinson
0.699 3.7 Battle: The Story of the Bulge by John Toland
0.698 4.03 Hitler Moves East 1941-1943 by Paul Carell
0.691 4.36 Guadalcanal: The Definitive Account of the Landmark Battle by Richard B. Frank
0.688 4.29 Hitler's U-Boat War: The Hunters, 1939-1942 by Clay Blair
0.679 4.07 Seven Roads to Hell: A Screaming Eagle at Bastogne by Donald R. Burgett
0.674 4.16 Strong Men Armed: The United States Marines Against Japan by Robert Leckie
0.653 3.91 The Fall of Berlin by Anthony Read
0.648 4.03 The Battle of Kursk by David M. Glantz
0.645 4.19 The Brigade: An Epic Story of Vengeance, Salvation, and WWII by Howard Blum
0.644 4.32 Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends by William Guarnere
0.641 4 In Deadly Combat: A German Soldier's Memoir of the Eastern Front by Gottlob Herbert Bidermann
0.637 4.25 It Never Snows in September: The German View of Market Garden and the Battle of Arnhem, September 1944 by Robert J. Kershaw
0.516 4.03 Speer: The Final Verdict by Joachim Fest