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Attack on Pearl Harbor

Battle of Anzio

Battle of Berlin

Battle of Britain

Battle of Cape Gloucester

Battle of Cisterna

Battle of Crete

Battle of El Alamein

Battle of Hürtgen Forest

Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of Kasserine Pass

Battle of Kiev

Battle of Kursk

Battle of Midway

Battle of Okinawa

Battle of Peleliu

Battle of Saint-Lô

Battle of Sainte Mère Église

Battle of Saipan

Battle of Stalingrad

Battle of Tarawa

Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Coral Sea

Battle of Villers-Bocage

Bombing of Dresden

Caen Bombardment



Doolittle Raid

Falklands War

Fall of France

Fall of Singapore

Fall of the Philippines

Guadalcanal Campaign

Hawaii Operation



Liberation of Paris

Liberation of the Philippines

Market Garden

Mission Boston

Munich Agreement

Nanjing Massacre

Nazi Germany; World War II

New Guinea Campaign

North African Campaign

Nuremberg War Crimes Trials

Operation Bagration

Operation Barbarossa

Operation Biting

Operation Cobra

Operation Goodwood, WW2

Operation Husky

Operation Jubilee

Operation Market Garden

Operation Neptune

Operation Overlord

Operation Shingle

Operation Tonga

Operation Torch

Peal Harbor

Polish-Soviet War

Post World War II

Rape of Nanking

Rise of Nazi Germany

Rise of Nazi power

Rise of the Third Reich

Russian Civil War

Second Battle of El Alamein

Siege of Leningrad

Siege of Stalingrad

Sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse

Tunisia Campaign

VE Day

Warsaw Uprising

Western Desert Campaign

Winter War

World War 1939-1945

World War I

World War II

World War II, British Home Front

World War II, Eastern Front

World War II, European Theater

World War II, German Home Front

World War II, German nuclear weapon project

World War II, German Occupation of France

World War II, Invasion of Poland

World War II, Italian Campaign

World War II, Magic

World War II, Pacific Theater

World War II, Siege of Malta

World War II, Ultra