Subject: Adventure stories


Adventure stories (842 works)

adventure stories (743 works)

adventure stories (169 works)

Adventure stories (600 works)

Books Under This Subject

The Stranger by Albert Camus (33,658 copies)
Moby Dick by Herman Melville (33,226 copies)
American Gods by Neil Gaiman (32,736 copies)
Watership Down by Richard Adams (23,521 copies)
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (23,189 copies)
Holes by Louis Sachar (21,933 copies)
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (21,598 copies)
Stardust by Neil Gaiman (20,870 copies)
Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk (18,599 copies)
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson (16,457 copies)
Stuart Little by E. B. White (13,539 copies)
White Fang by Jack London (11,273 copies)
Sphere by Michael Crichton (9,395 copies)
Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson (8,769 copies)
The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke (8,589 copies)
Kim by Rudyard Kipling (8,497 copies)
Congo by Michael Crichton (7,654 copies)
Patriot Games by Tom Clancy (7,032 copies)
Airframe by Michael Crichton (7,032 copies)
Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy (6,588 copies)
Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy (6,308 copies)
Executive Orders by Tom Clancy (6,092 copies)
Rising Sun by Michael Crichton (5,215 copies)
The Beach by Alex Garland (4,804 copies)
Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler (3,760 copies)
Sahara by Clive Cussler (3,669 copies)
Inca Gold by Clive Cussler (3,275 copies)
Saving Faith by David Baldacci (3,254 copies)
River God by Wilbur Smith (3,063 copies)
In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway (3,058 copies)
Factotum by Charles Bukowski (3,047 copies)
Hideaway by Dean Koontz (3,011 copies)
The Physician by Noah Gordon (2,987 copies)
The Third Twin by Ken Follett (2,959 copies)
Trojan Odyssey by Clive Cussler (2,846 copies)
Shock Wave by Clive Cussler (2,814 copies)
Flood Tide by Clive Cussler (2,737 copies)
Dragon by Clive Cussler (2,710 copies)
Iceberg by Clive Cussler (2,454 copies)
Timbuktu by Paul Auster (2,447 copies)
Cyclops by Clive Cussler (2,439 copies)
Making History by Stephen Fry (2,410 copies)
Pacific Vortex! by Clive Cussler (2,353 copies)
Our Game by John le Carré (2,345 copies)
Deep Six by Clive Cussler (2,341 copies)
Strip Tease by Carl Hiaasen (2,283 copies)
Thunderhead by Douglas Preston (2,172 copies)
The Chase by Clive Cussler (2,170 copies)
Night Probe by Clive Cussler (2,143 copies)
Vixen 03 by Clive Cussler (2,105 copies)
Riptide by Douglas Preston (2,089 copies)
Archangel by Robert Harris (2,072 copies)
Icebound by Dean Koontz (2,002 copies)
Vagabond by Bernard Cornwell (1,946 copies)
Blue Gold by Clive Cussler (1,892 copies)
The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston (1,887 copies)
Black Friday by James Patterson (1,840 copies)
The Reef by Nora Roberts (1,776 copies)
Whirlwind by James Clavell (1,757 copies)
Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding (1,723 copies)
Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry (1,704 copies)
Black Water by D. J. MacHale (1,698 copies)
Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini (1,677 copies)
Temple by Matthew Reilly (1,589 copies)
Land of Black Gold by Hergé (1,552 copies)
Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel (1,528 copies)
Pirates! by Celia Rees (1,516 copies)
The Search by Iris Johansen (1,500 copies)
Red Square by Martin Cruz Smith (1,480 copies)
Fat Tuesday by Sandra Brown (1,427 copies)
Vector by Robin Cook (1,412 copies)
Queens' Play by Dorothy Dunnett (1,394 copies)
Airport by Arthur Hailey (1,385 copies)
Moonfleet by John Meade Falkner (1,285 copies)
Tintin in the Congo by Hergé (1,230 copies)
Monsoon by Wilbur Smith (1,228 copies)
Politika by Jerome Preisler (1,227 copies)
The Genesis Code by John Case (1,217 copies)
The Descent by Jeff Long (1,164 copies)
Hotel Pastis by Peter Mayle (1,126 copies)
Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel (1,110 copies)
Pronto by Elmore Leonard (1,084 copies)
Eternity Road by Jack McDevitt (1,080 copies)
The Cobweb by Neal Stephenson (1,075 copies)
Standoff by Sandra Brown (1,057 copies)
Rat Race by Dick Francis (1,056 copies)
Neanderthal by John Darnton (1,044 copies)
Blue Horizon by Wilbur Smith (1,019 copies)
Cuba Libre by Elmore Leonard (998 copies)
Aerie by Mercedes Lackey (982 copies)
Peter Duck by Arthur Ransome (940 copies)
Maia by Richard Adams (905 copies)
Pigeon Post by Arthur Ransome (892 copies)
SSN by Tom Clancy (851 copies)
Circus by Alistair MacLean (845 copies)
Damascus Gate by Robert Stone (827 copies)
Black Light by Stephen Hunter (813 copies)
Wings by Danielle Steel (791 copies)
Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry (767 copies)
Thunder Point by Jack Higgins (762 copies)
Under Siege by Stephen Coonts (760 copies)
The Deep by Peter Benchley (746 copies)
Legacies by F. Paul Wilson (743 copies)
Mitla Pass by Leon Uris (739 copies)
Rowan of Rin by Emily Rodda (738 copies)
Rage by Wilbur Smith (716 copies)
Elephant Song by Wilbur Smith (716 copies)
Cold Harbour by Jack Higgins (712 copies)
Return to Del by Emily Rodda (672 copies)
Beast by Peter Benchley (646 copies)
Fatal Terrain by Dale Brown (635 copies)
The Tin Man by Dale Brown (630 copies)
Guardian by John Saul (621 copies)
Gemini by Dorothy Dunnett (602 copies)
Battle Born by Dale Brown (593 copies)
Cuba by Stephen Coonts (592 copies)
Black Juice by Margo Lanagan (586 copies)
Dinosaur Summer by Greg Bear (579 copies)
Hammerheads by Dale Brown (576 copies)
Confessional by Jack Higgins (551 copies)
High Crimes by Joseph Finder (551 copies)
Cry Wolf by Wilbur A. Smith (543 copies)
Vortex by Larry Bond (541 copies)
Solo by Jack Higgins (537 copies)
Firefox by Craig Thomas (536 copies)
Wild Justice by Wilbur Smith (521 copies)
Warrior Class by Dale Brown (517 copies)
Pest Control by Bill Fitzhugh (487 copies)
White Cargo by Stuart Woods (484 copies)
Rising Phoenix by Kyle Mills (481 copies)
Esau by Philip Kerr (481 copies)
Round the Bend by Nevil Shute (476 copies)
The Long Firm by Jake Arnott (475 copies)
Omoo by Herman Melville (463 copies)
Shadow Woman by Thomas Perry (455 copies)
First Light by Peter Ackroyd (439 copies)
Gideon by Russell Andrews (434 copies)
Caravan by Dorothy Gilman (422 copies)
Edge of Battle by Dale Brown (399 copies)
Fergus Crane by Paul Stewart (397 copies)
Almost Adam by Petru Popescu (393 copies)
Strike Force by Dale Brown (387 copies)
Gospel by Wilton Barnhardt (379 copies)
Red Cell by Richard Marcinko (378 copies)
Nathan's Run by John Gilstrap (377 copies)
The Kaisho by Eric Lustbader (377 copies)
Sleeping Dogs by Thomas Perry (374 copies)
The Still by David Feintuch (373 copies)
Blood Money by Thomas Perry (369 copies)
Huntingtower by John Buchan (360 copies)
Sheba by Jack Higgins (359 copies)
Storming Heaven by Kyle Mills (335 copies)
The Well by Elizabeth Jolley (327 copies)
Winter Hawk by Craig Thomas (324 copies)
Firefox Down by Craig Thomas (323 copies)
The Overseer by Jonathan Rabb (323 copies)
Dragonfly by Julia Golding (318 copies)
Ports of Call by Jack Vance (308 copies)
The Last Day by Glenn Kleier (308 copies)
Double Image by David Morrell (302 copies)
Why Me by Donald E. Westlake (301 copies)
Blood of Heaven by Bill Myers (297 copies)
Red Spikes by Margo Lanagan (294 copies)
Heartbreaker by Karen Robards (293 copies)
Daddy by Loup Durand (292 copies)
Mimus by Lilli Thal (285 copies)
Unreal! by Paul Jennings (282 copies)
Requiem by Graham Joyce (282 copies)
Second Skin by Eric Lustbader (274 copies)
Amistad by Alexs Pate (272 copies)
Kinsman by Ben Bova (256 copies)
Weird Tales by Marvin Kaye (254 copies)
Loot by Aaron Elkins (244 copies)
Smoker by Greg Rucka (234 copies)
Shallows by Tim Winton (230 copies)
High Hunt by David Eddings (227 copies)
Kahawa by Donald E. Westlake (224 copies)
Masterclass by Morris L. West (213 copies)
The Shiralee by D'Arcy Niland (211 copies)
Bug Park by James P. Hogan (205 copies)
Spyder Web by Tom Grace (198 copies)
Sea Strike by James H. Cobb (195 copies)
Link by Walt W. Becker (192 copies)
Castle Gay by John Buchan (189 copies)
A Cat Abroad by Peter Gethers (182 copies)
Gone Wild by James Hall (181 copies)
8.4 by Peter Hernon (178 copies)
Stiletto by Harold Robbins (173 copies)
Ice Reich by William Dietrich (173 copies)
White Time by Margo Lanagan (173 copies)
Haven by John R. Maxim (171 copies)
Ignition by Kevin J. Anderson (171 copies)
The Cage by Audrey Schulman (170 copies)
A Hooded Crow by Craig Thomas (167 copies)
Night Dogs by Kent Anderson (162 copies)
Wolfsbane by Craig Thomas (162 copies)
Sea Fighter by James H. Cobb (156 copies)
Wildcat by Craig Thomas (154 copies)
High Flight by David Hagberg (142 copies)
Los Gusanos by John Sayles (141 copies)
Host by Peter James (130 copies)
The Passage by David Poyer (128 copies)
Little Apple by Leo Perutz (127 copies)
Jade Tiger by Craig Thomas (125 copies)
Big Blondes by Jean Echenoz (124 copies)
Fire and Ice by Paul Garrison (124 copies)
High Stand by Hammond Innes (123 copies)
01-01-00 by R. J. Pineiro (123 copies)
Divine Victim by Mary Wings (122 copies)
Stinger by Nancy Kress (120 copies)
Hills End by Ivan Southall (118 copies)
White Star by James Thayer (118 copies)
Tycoon by Harold Robbins (118 copies)
Plague by Jean Ure (115 copies)
2182 kHz by David Masiel (113 copies)
Midnight Rider by Kat Martin (112 copies)
Blue Fin by Colin Thiele (110 copies)
The Pious Dance by Klaus Mann (106 copies)
Gone Tomorrow by Gary Indiana (104 copies)
Sole Survivor by Derek Hansen (102 copies)
The Secret by Harold Robbins (102 copies)
Dawn Land by Joseph Bruchac (100 copies)
Orbit by Thomas H. Block (99 copies)
Heading West by Doris Betts (98 copies)
Fan-Tan by Marlon Brando (92 copies)
Digger by Joseph Flynn (92 copies)
Adonis Garcia by Luis Zapata (91 copies)
A Cage of Ice by Duncan Kyle (91 copies)
Lost Face by Jack London (89 copies)
The Big Law by Chuck Logan (86 copies)
Stray Dogs by John Ridley (84 copies)
Archangel by Paul Watkins (82 copies)
Solstice by David Hewson (81 copies)
Daddy Cool by Donald Goines (79 copies)
Scimitar by John Abbott (77 copies)
The Ascent by Jeff Long (77 copies)
Butcher Bird by Dean Ing (75 copies)
Gatekeeper by Philip Shelby (75 copies)
Let Us Prey by Bill Branon (72 copies)
Chiller by Sterling Blake (71 copies)
The Vets by Stephen Leather (70 copies)
Quest by Richard Sapir (68 copies)
Flying To Pieces by Dean Ing (66 copies)
Deadline Y2K by Mark Joseph (59 copies)
The Black Brook by Tom Drury (59 copies)
Uprising by Randy Boyd (59 copies)
Payback by Thomas Kelly (57 copies)
Doom Fox by Iceberg Slim (55 copies)
Serpent Tide by K. L. Fogg (55 copies)
The Noble Path by Peter May (51 copies)
Tiger's Tail by Gus Lee (48 copies)
DragonQuest by Allan Baillie (47 copies)
Midnight Sun by Elwood Reid (44 copies)
Big Time by Marcel Montecino (43 copies)
Tangara by Nan Chauncy (41 copies)
Kilo Option by Sean Flannery (40 copies)
Sylvia by Howard Fast (40 copies)
Hidden Agenda by Thom Racina (40 copies)
House Arrest by Mary Morris (39 copies)
Sky Dancer by Witi Ihimaera (37 copies)
Terrestrials by Paul West (35 copies)
Wolfsong by Louis Owens (33 copies)
Red Ink by Greg Dinallo (32 copies)
Mirage by Don Passman (31 copies)
Shooters by Terrill Lankford (29 copies)
Flashpoint by Richard Aellen (28 copies)
Virus by Graham Watkins (28 copies)
Breaking Ranks by Ed Ruggero (25 copies)
Papio by Victor Kelleher (23 copies)
Stephanie by Winston Graham (23 copies)
Home Truths by Sara Maitland (23 copies)
Meridian 144 by Meg Files (19 copies)
Tibet by Gil Ziff (18 copies)
Dust and Glory by Evan Green (15 copies)
Water Hazard by Scott Borg (15 copies)
Cavern by Jake Page (13 copies)
The well by Gary Crew (10 copies)
Thrill by Robert Byrne (10 copies)
Blind trek by Jim Kennedy (9 copies)
Sink or swim by Ron Bunney (5 copies)
Aggressor by Nick Cook (4 copies)
Jigsaw Bay by John Merson (3 copies)
Quickhoney by Garry Hurle (3 copies)
Whammy! by David Caddy (2 copies)
The chance by Andy Shea (1 copies)