Subject: American wit and humor


Books Under This Subject

Brain Droppings by George Carlin (1,660 copies)
SeinLanguage by Jerry Seinfeld (1,598 copies)
Couplehood by Paul Reiser (910 copies)
The Far Side by Gary Larson (908 copies)
Up Front by Bill Mauldin (870 copies)
Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin (741 copies)
Work Is Hell by Matt Groening (547 copies)
Cat (kat), n. by B. Kliban (499 copies)
My Crowd by Charles Addams (464 copies)
Babyhood by Paul Reiser (405 copies)
Back Home by Bill Mauldin (270 copies)
Coyote V. Acme by Ian Frazier (248 copies)
The Joke Book by Roy McKie (211 copies)
Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz (177 copies)
Homebodies by Charles Addams (169 copies)
Pogo by Walt Kelly (166 copies)
Tiny Footprints by B. Kliban (159 copies)
Hey! B.C. by Johnny Hart (151 copies)
I Go Pogo by Walt Kelly (150 copies)
Back to B.C. by Johnny Hart (139 copies)
Potluck Pogo by Walt Kelly (121 copies)
The Fun House by Lynda Barry (118 copies)
What the L by Kate Clinton (117 copies)
Headlines by Jay Leno (117 copies)
Humor Me by Barbara Johnson (86 copies)
Gay Comics by Robert Triptow (83 copies)
More Headlines by Jay Leno (79 copies)
I, B.C. by Johnny Hart (77 copies)
Beau Pogo by Walt Kelly (74 copies)
Humans by Mike Dowdall (74 copies)
The Pogo Party by Walt Kelly (70 copies)
Mondo Bizarro by Dan Piraro (70 copies)
Charge! by Johnny Hart (68 copies)
Dear George by George Burns (68 copies)
Barnaby by Crockett Johnson (66 copies)
Nuts by Gahan Wilson (65 copies)
Ala Ka Zot! by Johnny Hart (62 copies)
The 5th Wave by Rich Tennant (55 copies)
Comic Relief by Todd Gold (51 copies)
Pogo Extra by Walt Kelly (48 copies)
The Comics by Coulton Waugh (46 copies)
Laugh Day by Bennett Cerf (42 copies)
Cartoons by Richard Guindon (37 copies)
Over Sexteen by J. M. Elgart (28 copies)
Booth Again by George Booth (27 copies)
Big Science by Nick Downes (22 copies)
Cobb again by Ron Cobb (22 copies)
Remarks by Bill Nye (21 copies)
Guindon by Richard Guindon (18 copies)
Wd-40 Book by Jim Berg (17 copies)
The Conformers by Jack Wohl (16 copies)
Small Fry by William Steig (15 copies)
Directions by Jeff MacNelly (15 copies)
Eggs by George Moran (14 copies)
Miss Peach by Mell Lazarus (13 copies)
Catss By Gross by Sam Gross (12 copies)
All Hazel by Theodore Key (11 copies)
Big Time by Hal Morgan (11 copies)
Curbside by Robert Kirby (10 copies)
The End by Skip Morrow (8 copies)
In One Ear by Joe McCarthy (5 copies)
Famous cats by Jim Morin (5 copies)
That's life by Jack Delano (3 copies)
"Quad's odds" by M Quad (2 copies)
The lark by Bruce Porter (1 copies)
Wild thing by Gene McGuire (1 copies)
Civil War humor (1 copies)