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Antarctica (53 works)

Antarctica British (18 works)

Antarctica Drama (2 works)

Antarctica Fiction (27 works)

Antarctica Fiction (22 works)

Antarctica Maps (2 works)

Antarctica Maps (1 work)

Antarctica Poetry (3 works)

Antarctica Poetry (2 works)

Antarctica (28 works)

Books Under This Subject

Ice Station by Matthew Reilly (1,939 copies)
The Business by Iain Banks (1,881 copies)
The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston (1,877 copies)
Antarctica by Helen Cowcher (759 copies)
Alone by Richard E. Byrd (514 copies)
Endurance by Frank Worsley (381 copies)
Shackleton by Roland Huntford (312 copies)
Whiteout: Melt by Greg Rucka (258 copies)
Trial By Ice by K. M. Kostyal (187 copies)
Ice Reich by William Dietrich (173 copies)
Black Ice by Matt Dickinson (104 copies)
Antarctica by Eliot Porter (83 copies)
Terra Nova. by Ted Tally (66 copies)
Antarctica by Charles Neider (39 copies)
Antarctica by Mike Lucas (33 copies)
The White by Adrian Caesar (20 copies)
Frost Bytes by Pene Greet (15 copies)
South by Chris Orsman (11 copies)