Subject: Australian poetry


Australian poetry (106 works)

Australian poetry (115 works)

Books Under This Subject

Crete by Dorothy Porter (28 copies)
Hunt by John Kinsella (14 copies)
Trust Me! by Paul Collins (12 copies)
Solstice by Matt Rubinstein (11 copies)
The Scarring by Geoff Page (8 copies)
History by Michael Sharkey (4 copies)
Wicked Heat by Kevin Hart (4 copies)
Outskirts by Kathielyn Job (4 copies)
Tremors by Philip Salom (3 copies)
Blue by Jennifer Compton (3 copies)
The poet's pen (2 copies)
Tickle by Les Wicks (2 copies)
Panash by Pio (2 copies)
Text Thing by Pamela Brown (2 copies)
The atlas by Tim Thorne (2 copies)
Cellmate by Speirs (2 copies)
Bloodwood by Nicola Bowery (2 copies)
Small packages. (1 copies)
Heroic money by Gig Ryan (1 copies)
Wagtail by Rob (ed) Reil (1 copies)
Fathoms by Lucy Alexander (1 copies)
Off the record by Pio (1 copies)
The winners (1 copies)
Best bitter by Tim Thorne (1 copies)
Deflower'd by Don Gentle (1 copies)