Subject: Authors, American


Authors, American (132 works)

Books Under This Subject

On Writing by Stephen King (17,847 copies)
Walden by Henry David Thoreau (13,624 copies)
Black Boy by Richard Wright (5,016 copies)
Rascal by Sterling North (5,006 copies)
Roughing It by Mark Twain (3,141 copies)
This Boy's Life by Tobias Wolff (2,867 copies)
The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl (2,543 copies)
The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald (1,206 copies)
Growing Up by Russell Baker (1,172 copies)
Bigmama's by Donald Crews (1,096 copies)
Visions of Cody by Jack Kerouac (1,056 copies)
Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos (1,031 copies)
Guts by Gary Paulsen (991 copies)
Nexus by Henry Miller (957 copies)
About Alice by Calvin Trillin (875 copies)
Q's Legacy by Helene Hanff (849 copies)
The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison (834 copies)
Rereadings by Anne Fadiman (668 copies)
Edith Wharton by Hermione Lee (527 copies)
Road Fever by Tim Cahill (442 copies)
My Dog Skip by Willie Morris (442 copies)
Borrowed Finery by Paula Fox (388 copies)
The Road by Jack London (370 copies)
Italian Hours by Henry James (334 copies)
I remember by Joe Brainard (330 copies)
Family Man by Calvin Trillin (245 copies)
Scatterbrain by Larry Niven (229 copies)
Ghost Light by Fritz Leiber (206 copies)
China To Me by Emily Hahn (205 copies)
Hemingway by Kenneth S. Lynn (193 copies)
How I Grew by Mary McCarthy (183 copies)
The Moon and I by Betsy Byars (147 copies)
Floor Sample by Julia Cameron (130 copies)
Dream Makers by Charles Platt (118 copies)
Northern Farm by Henry Beston (117 copies)
Pagan Spain by Richard Wright (110 copies)
How It Was by Mary Hemingway (106 copies)
Being Red by Howard Fast (97 copies)
Bohemia by Herbert Gold (91 copies)
Space by Jesse Lee Kercheval (63 copies)
Harp by John Gregory Dunne (60 copies)
Profiles by Kenneth Tynan (60 copies)
Communion by David Rosenberg (59 copies)
From Our House by Lee Martin (52 copies)
Henry James by F. W. Dupee (49 copies)
Querencia by Stephen Bodio (47 copies)
Louisa May by Norma Johnston (45 copies)
All for Love by Ved Mehta (43 copies)
Anita Loos by Gary Carey (40 copies)
Kate Chopin by Emily Toth (39 copies)
My Mentor by Alec Wilkinson (36 copies)
Body by Sharon Sloan Fiffer (36 copies)
Mencken by Carl Bode (33 copies)
Siblings by Nick Kelsh (30 copies)
A Sign by George Ella Lyon (29 copies)
On Water by Thomas Farber (23 copies)
Stitch in Time by John Gould (21 copies)
Ernest by Peter Buckley (19 copies)
My World by Jesse Stuart (18 copies)
Paper Hero by Leon Hale (17 copies)
Henry James by Rebecca West (16 copies)
Who, Me? by Betty MacDonald (15 copies)
Letters home by Gene Wolfe (13 copies)
Mark Twain by Lewis Leary (13 copies)
3 Journeys by Paul Zweig (10 copies)
Sam Shepard by Bruce Weber (8 copies)
Nabokov by Jean Blot (4 copies)
E.B. White by Aimee LaBrie (3 copies)
Diaries by Hamlin Garland (2 copies)