Subject: Babies


Babies (20 works)

Babies Drama (1 work)

Babies Fiction (198 works)

Babies Fiction (169 works)

Books Under This Subject

Superfudge by Judy Blume (7,955 copies)
Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack Keats (3,444 copies)
Slam by Nick Hornby (3,055 copies)
Glass by Ellen Hopkins (2,339 copies)
Silly Sally by Audrey Wood (2,180 copies)
The New Baby by Mercer Mayer (1,950 copies)
Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day (1,747 copies)
Arthur's Baby by Marc Brown (1,559 copies)
Alligator Baby by Robert Munsch (1,358 copies)
Baby by Patricia MacLachlan (1,110 copies)
I'm a Big Sister by Joanna Cole (1,020 copies)
The Silent Boy by Lois Lowry (950 copies)
Flour Babies by Anne Fine (471 copies)
So Much! by Trish Cooke (333 copies)
Baby Brains by Simon James (283 copies)
The New Baby by Fred Rogers (276 copies)
Eat up, Gemma by Sarah Hayes (253 copies)
Oh, Baby! by Nancy E. Krulik (232 copies)
Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler (226 copies)
Baby Faces by Margaret Miller (195 copies)
Baby Dance by Ann Taylor (170 copies)
Navy Blues by Debbie Macomber (166 copies)
33 Snowfish by Adam Rapp (165 copies)
Babies by Susan Canizares (146 copies)
TrueLove by Babette Cole (122 copies)
Bye Bye Baby by Janet Ahlberg (111 copies)
I See by Rachel Isadora (81 copies)
Silent Night by Will Moses (76 copies)
Mahalia by Joanne Horniman (73 copies)
Good Griselle by Jane Yolen (70 copies)
Shoe Baby by Joyce Dunbar (69 copies)
Babies by Ros Asquith (64 copies)
Baby Born by Anastasia Suen (61 copies)
Twinnies by Eve Bunting (55 copies)
Baby's Day Out by Ron Fontes (47 copies)
Papa's Song by Kate McMullan (46 copies)
Stay up Late by David Byrne (45 copies)
Grow Up! by Nina Laden (42 copies)
Larky Mavis by Brock Cole (39 copies)
Tykeosaurs by Tom Arma (39 copies)
Working by Helen Oxenbury (28 copies)
Twin trouble by Luke David (27 copies)
Pandora by William Mayne (25 copies)
Bad Baby by Ross Macdonald (24 copies)
Sharing by Nanette Newman (24 copies)
What Sadie Sang by Eve Rice (21 copies)
Doll Baby by Eve Bunting (21 copies)
New Born by Kathy Henderson (18 copies)
Oh, Baby! by Sara Stein (16 copies)
Baby Talk by L. E. Blair (15 copies)
Sleepy-O! by Harriet Ziefert (14 copies)
Chance by Dian Curtis Regan (11 copies)
Silly Baby by Judith Caseley (10 copies)
Baby Talk by Anne Miranda (8 copies)
Baby Walk by Anne Miranda (6 copies)
Baby Hugs by Dave Ross (5 copies)
Supercat by Kate McMullan (3 copies)
Baby time (1 copies)
Shapes by Miriam Stoppard (1 copies)