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Books Under This Subject

The Beach by Alex Garland (4,811 copies)
Flotsam by David Wiesner (3,061 copies)
Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman (956 copies)
Wave by Suzy Lee (707 copies)
Beach House by R. L. Stine (353 copies)
Magic Beach by Alison Lester (274 copies)
Beach Day by Karen Roosa (252 copies)
Dunk by David Lubar (226 copies)
Seaside by Terri Blackstock (178 copies)
Dear Fish by Chris Gall (154 copies)
The Friend by Sarah Stewart (136 copies)
Beach by Elisha Cooper (133 copies)
Beach bunny by Jennifer Selby (101 copies)
Sand Castle by Brenda S. Yee (49 copies)
One Seal by John Stadler (23 copies)
Beach Play by Marsha Hayles (22 copies)
Grayboy by Kay Chorao (19 copies)
At the beach by Kerry Argent (11 copies)
Holiday by Chris Winn (2 copies)