Subject: Bedtime Fiction


Bedtime Fiction (156 works)

Bedtime fiction (145 works)

Bedtime fiction (124 works)

Bedtime Fiction (143 works)

Books Under This Subject

Time for Bed by Mem Fox (3,073 copies)
Pajama Time! by Sandra Boynton (1,532 copies)
Piggies by Don Wood (1,194 copies)
Sleepy Dog by Harriet Ziefert (1,130 copies)
Kiss Good Night, Sam by Amy Hest (1,110 copies)
Kisses by Nanda Roep (668 copies)
Sleepy Bears by Mem Fox (546 copies)
The Quilt by Ann Jonas (369 copies)
Starry Safari by Linda Ashman (350 copies)
Humphrey's Bear by Jan Wahl (241 copies)
Goodnight, Harry by Kim Lewis (209 copies)
Moonlight by Jan Ormerod (201 copies)
Wild Child by Lynn Plourde (165 copies)
Tucking Mommy in by Morag Loh (140 copies)
A Bedtime Story by Mem Fox (127 copies)
Good Night God by Holly Bea (114 copies)
Lights Out by Arthur Geisert (109 copies)
Goodnight, Me by Andrew Daddo (103 copies)
Space Boy by Leo Landry (95 copies)
When I'm Big by Debi Gliori (90 copies)
Cowboy Baby by Sue Heap (81 copies)
Zoe's Sheep by Rose Bursik (65 copies)
The Flat Man by Rose Impey (62 copies)
Nocturne by Jane Yolen (61 copies)
Sleepy Boy by Polly Kanevsky (54 copies)
Vroomaloom Zoom by John Coy (53 copies)
All Change! by Ian Whybrow (34 copies)
Bedtime Cat by Lynn Reiser (28 copies)
Sandman by Rob Shepperson (26 copies)
Busy Lizzie by Holly Berry (24 copies)
Circle Song by Diana Engel (13 copies)
Night, Farm by Giora Carmi (12 copies)
Bedtime by Elsa Warnick (9 copies)