Subject: Berlin (Germany)


Books Under This Subject

The Innocent by Ian McEwan (2,387 copies)
Berlin Noir by Philip Kerr (1,704 copies)
The Good German by Joseph Kanon (1,499 copies)
March Violets by Philip Kerr (1,155 copies)
Winter by Len Deighton (780 copies)
A Legacy by Sybille Bedford (558 copies)
Charity by Len Deighton (508 copies)
Death in Berlin by M. M. Kaye (298 copies)
Rosa by Jonathan Rabb (246 copies)
Slumberland by Paul Beatty (220 copies)
Berlin by Pierre Frei (193 copies)
Berlin by David Clay Large (135 copies)
Time Out Berlin by Time Out (122 copies)
Midsummer Night by Uwe Timm (89 copies)
Berlin by Giles MacDonogh (83 copies)
Berlin Wild by Elly Welt (60 copies)
From Berlin by Armando (35 copies)
Paarungen by Peter Schneider (27 copies)
Berlin by Helga Sittl (5 copies)
Berlin by Hans Krook (1 copies)