Subject: Bible stories O.T


Books Under This Subject

Noah's Ark by Peter Spier (1,817 copies)
Noah's Ark by Lucy Cousins (518 copies)
Joseph by Brian Wildsmith (301 copies)
Two by Two by Barbara Reid (260 copies)
Noah's Ark by Heinz Janisch (170 copies)
Baby Moses by Linda Hayward (152 copies)
The Ark by Arthur Geisert (150 copies)
Queen Esther by Tomie dePaola (138 copies)
Miriam's Well by Alice Bach (89 copies)
God's Gift by Jean Richards (76 copies)
Exodus by Miriam Chaikin (73 copies)
Moses by Margaret Hodges (69 copies)
Genesis by Sheryl Prenzlau (54 copies)
Esther by Miriam Chaikin (53 copies)
Ruth by Maud Petersham (48 copies)
Noah by Patricia Lee Gauch (45 copies)
Moses by Maud Petersham (40 copies)
Noah's Ark by Anne Wilson (35 copies)
Noah by Ken Munowitz (18 copies)
The Creation by Jo Spier (12 copies)