Subject: Bible. N.T.


Bible. N.T. (2 works)

Bible. N.T. Canon (20 works)

Books Under This Subject

Barabbas by Pär Lagerkvist (1,364 copies)
Quarantine by Jim Crace (1,214 copies)
Paul by Walter Wangerin (781 copies)
King Jesus by Robert Graves (662 copies)
The New Testament by Bible (540 copies)
Second Touch by Bodie Thoene (515 copies)
Third Watch by Bodie Thoene (407 copies)
The Apostle by Sholem Asch (377 copies)
Fourth Dawn by Bodie Thoene (370 copies)
The Nazarene by Sholem Asch (325 copies)
Lydia by Lois T. Henderson (313 copies)
I, Judas by Taylor Caldwell (269 copies)
Jesus by Walter Jr. Wangerin (261 copies)
Testament by Nino Ricci (199 copies)
Saint Paul by Michael Grant (167 copies)
Greek to Me by J. Lyle Story (162 copies)
Pilate's Wife by H.D. (42 copies)
The Sin Bearer by Tom Taylor (37 copies)
Lazarus by Alain Absire (9 copies)
Phoebe by Max Call (8 copies)
Les apotres by Gene Getz (4 copies)