Subject: California


California (12 works)

California Drama (2 works)

California Fiction (337 works)

California Fiction (265 works)

Books Under This Subject

White Fang by Jack London (11,290 copies)
A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton (6,364 copies)
Virtual Light by William Gibson (5,481 copies)
Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck (5,418 copies)
B is for Burglar by Sue Grafton (4,370 copies)
S is for Silence by Sue Grafton (4,106 copies)
Q is for Quarry by Sue Grafton (4,104 copies)
R is for Ricochet by Sue Grafton (3,967 copies)
C is for Corpse by Sue Grafton (3,945 copies)
P Is for Peril by Sue Grafton (3,857 copies)
T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton (3,828 copies)
M is for Malice by Sue Grafton (3,791 copies)
N is for Noose by Sue Grafton (3,692 copies)
The Taking by Dean Koontz (3,683 copies)
D is for Deadbeat by Sue Grafton (3,673 copies)
I is for Innocent by Sue Grafton (3,636 copies)
K is for Killer by Sue Grafton (3,594 copies)
L is for Lawless by Sue Grafton (3,546 copies)
E Is for Evidence by Sue Grafton (3,522 copies)
G is for Gumshoe by Sue Grafton (3,514 copies)
H is for Homicide by Sue Grafton (3,454 copies)
F is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton (3,444 copies)
Roughing It by Mark Twain (3,092 copies)
Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult (2,861 copies)
Ask the Dust by John Fante (2,820 copies)
Midnight by Dean Koontz (2,641 copies)
Identical by Ellen Hopkins (2,019 copies)
River's End by Nora Roberts (1,926 copies)
Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr (1,256 copies)
In America by Susan Sontag (1,219 copies)
High Country by Nevada Barr (1,168 copies)
Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone (970 copies)
Was by Geoff Ryman (883 copies)
The Judge by Steve Martini (770 copies)
Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson (702 copies)
Sideways by Rex Pickett (701 copies)
The Homing by John Saul (680 copies)
Bones by Jan Burke (593 copies)
The Trench by Steve Alten (570 copies)
California Gold by John Jakes (532 copies)
Sean Donovan by Lori Wick (517 copies)
The Exile by Allan Folsom (506 copies)
As Time Goes By by Lori Wick (501 copies)
Goodnight, Irene by Jan Burke (499 copies)
Irish Chain by Earlene Fowler (456 copies)
Fadeout by Joseph Hansen (431 copies)
The Afterlife by Gary Soto (414 copies)
White Horses by Alice Hoffman (398 copies)
Flight by Jan Burke (389 copies)
American Woman by Susan Choi (386 copies)
Bloodlines by Jan Burke (331 copies)
Wait for Me by An Na (324 copies)
Harlequin by Morris West (308 copies)
Calico Palace by Gwen Bristow (306 copies)
Double Image by David Morrell (302 copies)
Dog Eat Dog by Edward Bunker (301 copies)
Old Ramon by Jack Schaefer (298 copies)
Dear Irene, by Jan Burke (295 copies)
Halfway Home by Paul Monette (278 copies)
Death Claims by Joseph Hansen (276 copies)
Hocus by Jan Burke (273 copies)
Storm by George R. Stewart (267 copies)
Troublemaker by Joseph Hansen (261 copies)
Eureka by William Diehl (259 copies)
Liar by Jan Burke (258 copies)
The Grift by Debra Ginsberg (244 copies)
Blue City by Ross Macdonald (235 copies)
Nightwork by Joseph Hansen (205 copies)
Cape Perdido by Marcia Muller (204 copies)
Gravedigger by Joseph Hansen (198 copies)
Boom Town by Sonia Levitin (181 copies)
A Regular Guy by Mona Simpson (180 copies)
Abandon by Pico Iyer (178 copies)
Wish List by Fern Michaels (172 copies)
Saying Grace by Beth Gutcheon (167 copies)
Cold Heaven by Brian Moore (164 copies)
The Handyman by Carolyn See (150 copies)
Hooked by Matt Richtel (141 copies)
Blue by Abigail Padgett (121 copies)
32 Cadillacs by Joe Gores (121 copies)
The Long Rain by Peter Gadol (112 copies)
Midnight Rider by Kat Martin (112 copies)
Shaiton's Fire by Jake Thoene (101 copies)
Wrack and Ruin by Don Lee (94 copies)
Snow Angel by Thom Racina (82 copies)
Ready, Okay! by Adam Cadre (74 copies)
Crooked by Louisa Luna (73 copies)
Resentment by Gary Indiana (70 copies)
Fergus by Brian Moore (68 copies)
Glass People by Gail Godwin (61 copies)
Sentinels by Bill Pronzini (56 copies)
Doormat by Kelly McWilliams (53 copies)
A Sea So Far by Jean Thesman (53 copies)
Reagan by Lou Cannon (47 copies)
Illusions by Bill Pronzini (39 copies)
Deadgame by Kirk Russell (29 copies)
Gold by Stewart Edward White (29 copies)
Moondog by Henry Garfield (25 copies)
Tornado Alley by Craig Nova (20 copies)
Augusta by Carolyn Brown (14 copies)
Christwalk by Richard Roos (13 copies)
Undertow by Lynn Stegner (11 copies)
Skyscape by Michael Cadnum (9 copies)
Dead Horses by Pat Hewitt (9 copies)
Policy brief (1 copies)
Fort Ross by Mark West (1 copies)