Subject: China Fiction


Books Under This Subject

The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck (13,439 copies)
Waiting by Ha Jin (3,981 copies)
Tai-Pan by James Clavell (3,675 copies)
Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart (2,475 copies)
Man's Fate by André Malraux (2,464 copies)
Monkey by Wu Ch'eng-en (1,786 copies)
Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett (1,656 copies)
Safely Home by Randy Alcorn (1,341 copies)
Three Kingdoms by Guanzhong Luo (1,201 copies)
Red Sorghum by Mo Yan (1,041 copies)
Dragon Seed by Pearl S. Buck (851 copies)
The Crazed by Ha Jin (804 copies)
Spring Moon by Bette Bao Lord (748 copies)
The Flower Net by Lisa See (657 copies)
Fatal Terrain by Dale Brown (642 copies)
Dragon Bones by Lisa See (525 copies)
Seawolf by Patrick Robinson (516 copies)
Rickshaw Boy by She Lao (479 copies)
The Moon Lady by Amy Tan (463 copies)
The Garlic Ballads by Mo Yan (455 copies)
In the Pond by Ha Jin (443 copies)
Wild Ginger by Anchee Min (416 copies)
Kinfolk by Pearl S. Buck (348 copies)
Katherine by Anchee Min (321 copies)
Pandemic by Daniel Kalla (294 copies)
Heaven Lake by John Dalton (246 copies)
Sign of the Qin by L.G. Bass (236 copies)
The Scholars by Jingzi Wu (236 copies)
The Warlord by Malcolm Bosse (230 copies)
Mei Li by Thomas Handforth (226 copies)
Imperial Lady by Andre Norton (213 copies)
Rice by Su Tong (213 copies)
The Promise by Pearl S. Buck (180 copies)
The Greatest Power by Demi (137 copies)
The Uninvited by Geling Yan (133 copies)
Quiller Bamboo by Adam Hall (115 copies)
My Mei Mei by Ed Young (110 copies)
Flash House by Aimee Liu (103 copies)
Cat Country by She Lao (101 copies)
Peking by Anthony Grey (93 copies)
China Sky by Pearl S. Buck (75 copies)
Monkey King by Ed Young (66 copies)
Julia Paradise by Rod Jones (60 copies)
Sword: A Novel by Da Chen (60 copies)
Cold Nights by Pa Kin (50 copies)
Bittersweet by Leslie Li (45 copies)
Lapse of Time by Anyi Wang (36 copies)
Baotown by Anyi Wang (31 copies)
Brocade Valley by Anyi Wang (17 copies)
Moon Cakes by Andrea Louie (16 copies)