Subject: Chinese Americans


Books Under This Subject

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (17,274 copies)
Dragonwings by Laurence Yep (2,358 copies)
Typical American by Gish Jen (564 copies)
Bone by Fae Myenne Ng (540 copies)
Ursula, Under by Ingrid Hill (535 copies)
China Trade by S. J. Rozan (410 copies)
Coolies by Yin (353 copies)
The Love Wife by Gish Jen (351 copies)
Kinfolk by Pearl S. Buck (348 copies)
China Boy by Gus Lee (331 copies)
Good Luck, Ivy by Lisa Yee (276 copies)
Hunger by Lan Samantha Chang (271 copies)
Later, Gator by Laurence Yep (268 copies)
Donald Duk by Frank Chin (244 copies)
Concourse by S. J. Rozan (217 copies)
A Bitter Feast by S. J. Rozan (191 copies)
American Knees by Shawn Wong (127 copies)
Brothers by Yin (121 copies)
In the Snow by Huy Voun Lee (118 copies)
Landed by Milly Lee (116 copies)
My Mei Mei by Ed Young (110 copies)
Earthquake by Milly Lee (88 copies)
Dream Soul by Laurence Yep (83 copies)
Dragon Road by Laurence Yep (72 copies)
The Amah by Laurence Yep (72 copies)
Honor and Duty by Gus Lee (67 copies)
Split Image by Mel Glenn (67 copies)
Mismatch by Lensey Namioka (66 copies)
Sea Glass by Laurence Yep (65 copies)
Tiger's Tail by Gus Lee (47 copies)
Moy Moy by Leo Politi (37 copies)
Tummy Girl by Roseanne Thong (33 copies)
Her Own Song by Ellen Howard (28 copies)
Moon Cakes by Andrea Louie (17 copies)