Subject: Christian life


Christian life (1679 works)

Christian life 1960- (850 works)

Books Under This Subject

Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey (4,011 copies)
You Are Special by Max Lucado (3,969 copies)
Christy by Catherine Marshall (3,457 copies)
Future Grace by John Piper (2,303 copies)
Loving God by Charles Colson (1,756 copies)
Peace with God by Billy Graham (1,749 copies)
Inside Out by Larry Crabb (1,457 copies)
Because I Love You by Max Lucado (1,426 copies)
A Gentle Thunder by Max Lucado (1,425 copies)
Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray (1,184 copies)
Chosen by Ted Dekker (945 copies)
Living Faith by Jimmy Carter (776 copies)
Believing God by Beth Moore (770 copies)
A Confession by Leo Tolstoy (758 copies)
Infidel by Ted Dekker (702 copies)
Honest to God? by Bill Hybels (691 copies)
Be Free by Warren W. Wiersbe (638 copies)
Renegade by Ted Dekker (621 copies)
Flying Blind by Frank Peretti (587 copies)
The God Box by Alex Sanchez (413 copies)
Duncan's War by Douglas Bond (377 copies)
Becoming Me by Melody Carlson (346 copies)
Saved at Sea by O. F. Walton (300 copies)
Follow Me by John MacArthur (284 copies)
Secret Power by D. L. Moody (284 copies)
Disciple by Juan Carlos Ortiz (279 copies)
Psalm 119 by Charles Bridges (269 copies)
Of God and Men by A. W. Tozer (257 copies)
The Race by Lauraine Snelling (249 copies)
Discipleship by David Watson (220 copies)
The Becomers by Keith Miller (218 copies)
Stink Alley by Jamie Gilson (206 copies)
Sold Out by Bill McCartney (199 copies)
Fear No Evil by David Watson (197 copies)
I Promise by Robin Jones Gunn (197 copies)
The Big Picture by Ben Carson (197 copies)
On My Own by Melody Carlson (188 copies)
Sold Out by Melody Carlson (178 copies)
Scout by Julie Nye (176 copies)
Holy Sweat by Tim Hansel (152 copies)
I Do! by Melody Carlson (151 copies)
Road Trip by Melody Carlson (150 copies)
The Portal by Bill Myers (120 copies)
Be Not Afraid by Jean Vanier (116 copies)
Furrow by Josemaría Escrivá (115 copies)
The Experiment by Bill Myers (111 copies)
Heart of Joy by Mother Teresa (101 copies)
Cry of Courage by Lee Roddy (101 copies)
Beyond Greed by Brian Rosner (96 copies)
The Whirlwind by Bill Myers (94 copies)
The Tablet by Bill Myers (91 copies)
Nothing Pink by Mark Hardy (84 copies)
The Scream by Bill Myers (80 copies)
Island Girl by Sandra Byrd (76 copies)
Tell Me Why by Michael Novak (72 copies)
Charlie by Gloria Repp (64 copies)
Owen's Walk by Karen Hill (62 copies)
Left Behind by Peter Lalonde (61 copies)
Wild Hope by Tom Sine (58 copies)
It's About Time by Ken Smith (54 copies)
Yearbook by Ally Condie (48 copies)
Grace Works by Dudley Hall (45 copies)
Amazing Grace by Hal Lindsey (45 copies)
Stung by Jerry B. Jenkins (45 copies)
Belief today by Karl Rahner (44 copies)
Kit by Jane Peart (43 copies)
Godhanger by Dick King-Smith (43 copies)
His Hands by Yvonne Lehman (38 copies)
Jumper Fables by Ken Davis (37 copies)
On Fire by Greg Laurie (35 copies)
Simple Gifts by Gwen Ellis (35 copies)
Heartless Hero by Judy Baer (34 copies)
Street Boy by Fletch Brown (33 copies)
Expect to Win by Bill Glass (31 copies)
Burn by Brian K. Shipman (29 copies)
New Seasoning by Graham Kerr (27 copies)
Witnessing 101 by Tim Baker (27 copies)
Jericho Ride by Betty Gaard (24 copies)