Subject: Christian life Fiction


Books Under This Subject

You Are Special by Max Lucado (4,239 copies)
Christy by Catherine Marshall (3,565 copies)
Because I Love You by Max Lucado (1,500 copies)
Chosen by Ted Dekker (988 copies)
Infidel by Ted Dekker (741 copies)
Renegade by Ted Dekker (652 copies)
The God Box by Alex Sanchez (418 copies)
Duncan's War by Douglas Bond (396 copies)
Becoming Me by Melody Carlson (346 copies)
Saved at Sea by O. F. Walton (325 copies)
The Race by Lauraine Snelling (259 copies)
Stink Alley by Jamie Gilson (215 copies)
On My Own by Melody Carlson (201 copies)
I Promise by Robin Jones Gunn (199 copies)
Scout by Julie Nye (189 copies)
Sold Out by Melody Carlson (181 copies)
I Do! by Melody Carlson (156 copies)
Road Trip by Melody Carlson (154 copies)
The Burden by Nancy N. Rue (139 copies)
The Portal by Bill Myers (130 copies)
The Experiment by Bill Myers (121 copies)
Cry of Courage by Lee Roddy (105 copies)
The Whirlwind by Bill Myers (105 copies)
The Tablet by Bill Myers (100 copies)
Nothing Pink by Mark Hardy (83 copies)
The Scream by Bill Myers (82 copies)
Island Girl by Sandra Byrd (79 copies)
Charlie by Gloria Repp (66 copies)
Owen's Walk by Karen Hill (64 copies)
Stung by Jerry B. Jenkins (52 copies)
Yearbook by Ally Condie (50 copies)
Godhanger by Dick King-Smith (46 copies)
Kit by Jane Peart (44 copies)
His Hands by Yvonne Lehman (39 copies)
Heartless Hero by Judy Baer (37 copies)
Street Boy by Fletch Brown (35 copies)
Jericho Ride by Betty Gaard (24 copies)
Cassy by Hesba Stretton (21 copies)
Boy Friend by Jane Sorenson (16 copies)
Voyager by Charles Mills (13 copies)
Pilgrim by Ronald Fuller (12 copies)
Timmi-Ti by Dorothy Aitken (7 copies)