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Books Under This Subject

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto (2,255 copies)
Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini (2,183 copies)
Arthur's Christmas by Marc Brown (1,628 copies)
Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett (1,144 copies)
Dream Snow by Eric Carle (989 copies)
Night Tree by Eve Bunting (984 copies)
Wombat Divine by Mem Fox (671 copies)
Great Joy by Kate DiCamillo (667 copies)
Santa Mouse by Michael Brown (608 copies)
Tree of Cranes by Allen Say (592 copies)
Santa Calls by William Joyce (446 copies)
Santa's Twin by Dean Koontz (418 copies)
The Christmas Rat by Avi (351 copies)
Silent Night by R. L. Stine (281 copies)
Santa Cows by Cooper Edens (278 copies)
Careful Santa! by Julie Sykes (242 copies)
SantaKid by James Patterson (236 copies)
December by Eve Bunting (200 copies)
Santa's Moose by Syd Hoff (159 copies)
Christmas by Dick Bruna (137 copies)
Robot Santa by Dean Koontz (130 copies)
Santa Claus by Rod Green (129 copies)
Prancer by Stephen Cosgrove (100 copies)
Dream Soul by Laurence Yep (83 copies)
Silent Night by Will Moses (80 copies)
Noël by Romeo Muller (79 copies)
Sam I Am by Ilene Cooper (76 copies)
Young Santa by Dan Greenburg (47 copies)
Peters jul by J. Krohn (42 copies)
Noel by Tony Johnston (17 copies)
The Fir Tree by Diane Goode (16 copies)
Scrooge by Elaine Donaldson (16 copies)
Santa Rat by Betty Baker (15 copies)
Ziggy's Gift by Tom Wilson (9 copies)
BEFANA by Anne F. Rockwell (7 copies)