Subject: Comic books, strips, etc.


Books Under This Subject

The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult (6,450 copies)
Kampung Boy by Lat (340 copies)
Wimbledon Green by Seth (291 copies)
Aria, Vol. 1 by Kozue Amano (217 copies)
Aria, Vol. 2 by Kozue Amano (163 copies)
Manga Design by Masano Amano (149 copies)
Eisner/Miller by Will Eisner (127 copies)
RG Veda, Volume 7 by CLAMP (126 copies)
Aria, Vol. 3 by Kozue Amano (122 copies)
Metropolis by Osamu Tezuka (115 copies)
RG Veda, Volume 9 by CLAMP (114 copies)
RG Veda, Volume 10 by CLAMP (112 copies)
CLAMP: South Side by CLAMP (112 copies)
CLAMP: North Side by CLAMP (110 copies)
RG Veda, Volume 8 by CLAMP (107 copies)
But I Digress by Peter David (76 copies)
Funny Papers by Tom De Haven (75 copies)
Kwaidan by Jung (56 copies)
The Comics by Coulton Waugh (46 copies)
Pugad baboy by Pol Medina (20 copies)
IS Art by Allan Gross (14 copies)
Bacter-Area by Keith Jones (7 copies)
Doc Savage (3 copies)
Hokuto no Ken by Buronson (2 copies)
Cliff by Neil Matterson (1 copies)
Mome (1 copies)