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Books Under This Subject

The Jester by James Patterson (2,841 copies)
The Talisman by Sir Walter Scott (1,158 copies)
The Religion by Tim Willocks (853 copies)
Pilgermann by Russell Hoban (338 copies)
Crusades by Thomas F. Madden (254 copies)
The Crusades by Terry Jones (241 copies)
Jerusalem by Cecelia Holland (232 copies)
Pride of Kings by Judith Tarr (140 copies)
Siege of Heaven by Tom Harper (136 copies)
Richard I by John Gillingham (127 copies)
The Crusades by Henry Treece (115 copies)
The crusades by Harold Lamb (112 copies)
The Templar by P. C. Doherty (106 copies)
Crusade by Donn Byrne (17 copies)