Subject: Dogs Fiction


Dogs Fiction (956 works)

Dogs Fiction (755 works)

Books Under This Subject

White Fang by Jack London (11,087 copies)
Go, Dog. Go! by P. D. Eastman (8,397 copies)
Old Yeller by Fred Gipson (7,266 copies)
Sounder by William H. Armstrong (6,924 copies)
Watchers by Dean Koontz (5,219 copies)
Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary (4,718 copies)
Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes (3,935 copies)
Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion (3,524 copies)
Ribsy by Beverly Cleary (3,084 copies)
Deerskin by Robin McKinley (2,959 copies)
Brian's Hunt by Gary Paulsen (2,848 copies)
Timbuktu by Paul Auster (2,422 copies)
Strider by Beverly Cleary (2,319 copies)
Roverandom by J. R. R. Tolkien (2,188 copies)
The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams (2,070 copies)
Howliday Inn by James Howe (1,991 copies)
A Dangerous Path by Erin Hunter (1,991 copies)
Lassie Come-Home by Eric Knight (1,908 copies)
The Stray Dog by Marc Simont (1,733 copies)
Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day (1,693 copies)
Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett (1,536 copies)
Tornado by Betsy Byars (1,521 copies)
The Underneath by Kathi Appelt (1,444 copies)
Bark, George by Jules Feiffer (1,390 copies)
No Roses for Harry! by Gene Zion (1,280 copies)
Hey, Al by Arthur Yorinks (1,271 copies)
Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey (1,224 copies)
The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey (1,201 copies)
Prince of Dogs by Kate Elliott (1,150 copies)
Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey (1,036 copies)
Sleepy Dog by Harriet Ziefert (1,025 copies)
The First Dog by Jan Brett (1,005 copies)
Poor Puppy by Nick Bruel (999 copies)
The Good Dog by Avi (940 copies)
Harry by the Sea by Gene Zion (847 copies)
Orchid Blues by Stuart Woods (822 copies)
A Dog's Life by Peter Mayle (723 copies)
Robot Dreams by Sara Varon (713 copies)
Irish Red by Jim Kjelgaard (650 copies)
Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant (630 copies)
Sable by Karen Hesse (584 copies)
Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack (581 copies)
My New Boy by Joan Phillips (571 copies)
Jim Ugly by Sid Fleischman (554 copies)
Outlaw Red by Jim Kjelgaard (523 copies)
Pretzel by Margret Rey (523 copies)
Trouble by Gary D. Schmidt (516 copies)
Red Dog by Bill Wallace (511 copies)
Surrender by Sonya Hartnett (492 copies)
Floss by Kim Lewis (490 copies)
My Dog Talks by Gail Herman (488 copies)
Wet Dog! by Elise Broach (479 copies)
Hotel For Dogs by Lois Duncan (414 copies)
Snow Dog by Jim Kjelgaard (400 copies)
The Little Puppy by Judy Dunn (396 copies)
Kipper by Mick Inkpen (375 copies)
Diamond Willow by Helen Frost (372 copies)
Fox by Margaret Wild (355 copies)
Silver by Gloria Whelan (352 copies)
Beware of Dog by Bob Balaban (338 copies)
Sight Hound by Pam Houston (334 copies)
Salty Dog by Brad Strickland (331 copies)
Dog by Daniel Pennac (317 copies)
Firestorm by David Klass (305 copies)
A Dog of Flanders by Ouida (289 copies)
Hot Fudge by James Howe (284 copies)
Wild Man Island by Will Hobbs (283 copies)
Be a Wolf! by Brad Strickland (282 copies)
Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough (271 copies)
The Last Puppy by Frank Asch (270 copies)
One Nosy Pup by Carol Wallace (268 copies)
Art Dog by Thacher Hurd (257 copies)
Wild Trek by Jim Kjelgaard (255 copies)
Coyote Autumn by Bill Wallace (252 copies)
Checkers by John Marsden (245 copies)
Spot Sleeps Over by Eric Hill (243 copies)
Nop's Trials by Donald McCaig (239 copies)
Avalanche by Michael J. Rosen (227 copies)
Some Dog! by Mary Casanova (226 copies)
Underdog by Laurien Berenson (224 copies)
Bloodlines by Susan Conant (206 copies)
Wilderness by Roddy Doyle (201 copies)
Rhubarb by Stephen Cosgrove (199 copies)
Puppies for Sale by Dan Clark (195 copies)
Watchdog by Laurien Berenson (188 copies)
Circle Dogs by Kevin Henkes (188 copies)
Cyberia by Chris Lynch (185 copies)
Kazan by James Oliver Curwood (181 copies)
Stud Rites by Susan Conant (180 copies)
Stolen Pony by Glen Rounds (179 copies)
Black Ribbon by Susan Conant (178 copies)
Hot Dog by Laurien Berenson (174 copies)
Unleashed by Laurien Berenson (167 copies)
Evil Breeding by Susan Conant (166 copies)
Chowder by Peter Brown (165 copies)
The Dogfather by Susan Conant (164 copies)
Woof! by Allan Ahlberg (162 copies)
Follow Carl! by Alexandra Day (161 copies)
Dog Friday by Hilary McKay (158 copies)
Guys & Dogs by Elaine Fox (157 copies)
Scout by Julie Nye (154 copies)
Red-Dirt Jessie by Anna Myers (152 copies)
Bel Ria by Sheila Burnford (149 copies)
Nothing at All by Wanda Gág (146 copies)
A Dog's Tale by Mark Twain (140 copies)
Kashtanka by Anton Chekhov (140 copies)
Dog Jack by Florence Biros (129 copies)
Muttketeer! by Bill Crider (123 copies)
TrueLove by Babette Cole (119 copies)
I am a Puppy by Ole Risom (115 copies)
The Fling by John R. Erickson (114 copies)
Spike by Paulette Bogan (111 copies)
Scruffy by Jack Stoneley (109 copies)
Sosu's Call by Meshack Asare (109 copies)
Lost by Paul Brett Johnson (107 copies)
Shaper by Jessie Haas (101 copies)
The Artist by John Bianchi (100 copies)
The Dirty Cowboy by Adam Rex (96 copies)
My Town by William Wegman (91 copies)
Notso Hotso by Anne Fine (88 copies)
Rapid Fire by Donna Ball (80 copies)
I, Jack by Patricia Finney (80 copies)
Part-Time Dog by Jane Thayer (79 copies)
Newf by Marie Killilea (79 copies)
Bristle Face by Zachary Ball (78 copies)
Skunkdog by Emily Jenkins (77 copies)
Ski Pup by Don Freeman (74 copies)
Spook by Jane Little (74 copies)
Nop's Hope by Donald McCaig (73 copies)
Courtney by John Burningham (72 copies)
Leaf magic by Margaret Mahy (70 copies)
Gray Boy by Jim Arnosky (70 copies)
Poodlena by E.B. McHenry (69 copies)
Saucy by Martha McKeen Welch (69 copies)
Butterfly by Mick Inkpen (68 copies)
Beethoven by Robert Tine (65 copies)
Sooner by Patricia Calvert (64 copies)
That Dog! by Nanette Newman (62 copies)
Underdog by Marilyn Sachs (59 copies)
Woe Is Moe by Diane Stanley (55 copies)
Stray by Stacey Goldblatt (52 copies)
Moondog by Alice Hoffman (47 copies)
Swing! by Mick Inkpen (45 copies)
Fu-Dog by Rumer Godden (45 copies)
Bernard by Bernard Waber (43 copies)
Apollo by Caroline Gregoire (40 copies)
Dive by Stacey Donovan (39 copies)
Bill by Chap Reaver (38 copies)
Rowan by Robin McKinley (38 copies)
City Dog by Karla Kuskin (37 copies)
Petey by Betty Cavanna (37 copies)
Shaggy by Marcus Pfister (36 copies)
Star Dog by A.M. Lightner (34 copies)
Fang by Barbara Shook Hazen (34 copies)
Oswald by Dan Yaccarino (33 copies)
Keeper by Gerald Durrell (28 copies)
Frank in time by Rod Clement (28 copies)
City of Dogs by Livi Michael (28 copies)
Spot's Toy Box by Eric Hill (25 copies)
Walt and Pepper by Lisl Weil (24 copies)
Fran's Friend by Lisa Bruce (23 copies)
Snip by Nathaniel Benchley (22 copies)
Dog Tales by Janet McLean (20 copies)
Dog Donovan by Diana Hendry (20 copies)
Rosalie by Joan Hewett (18 copies)
Stray by Lynn Hall (16 copies)
Pit's Letter by Sue Coe (14 copies)
Racer Dogs by Bob Kolar (13 copies)
Dogs Have Paws by Jan Ross (12 copies)
The Other Bone by Ed Young (11 copies)
Puppy Love by Wayne Carley (11 copies)
The Visitor by Gene Smith (8 copies)
Dog by Juan Wijngaard (8 copies)
Sputters by Zachary Ball (8 copies)
Hi-Yo Fido! by Ron Barrett (6 copies)
Rebecka by Frank Asch (6 copies)
Dog Magic by Anna Coates (6 copies)
Water Pup by Peter Parnall (6 copies)
Jim by Ruth Bornstein (3 copies)
Dear Prosper by Paula Fox (1 copies)