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Books Under This Subject

Pyramid by David Macaulay (2,295 copies)
Ancient Egypt by Joanna Cole (630 copies)
The Beetle by Richard Marsh (567 copies)
Pyramids by Anne Millard (427 copies)
Mummies by Joyce Milton (353 copies)
The Egyptians by Cyril Aldred (343 copies)
Hand of Isis by Jo Graham (318 copies)
Tutankhamun by T. G. H. James (206 copies)
Ancient Egypt by R. Hamilton (202 copies)
Temple Cat by Andrew Clements (170 copies)
Cat Mummies by Kelly Trumble (142 copies)
Egyptian Life by John Guy (134 copies)
Coptic Egypt by Jill Kamil (50 copies)
The Pyramids by John Weeks (34 copies)
Romer's Egypt by John Romer (32 copies)
Egypt by Wilbur Cross (17 copies)
Egypt in color by Roger Wood (16 copies)
Ancient Nubia by Shinnie (11 copies)
Egypt by Kathleen W. Deady (11 copies)
Hatshepsut by Amr Hussein (6 copies)
Unmasked by Bill O'Brien (4 copies)