Subject: England Fiction


Books Under This Subject

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (75,615 copies)
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (55,526 copies)
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë (48,354 copies)
Emma by Jane Austen (35,676 copies)
Persuasion by Jane Austen (26,982 copies)
Atonement by Ian McEwan (25,245 copies)
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro (21,569 copies)
Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (21,284 copies)
Stardust by Neil Gaiman (20,868 copies)
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (20,334 copies)
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer (18,735 copies)
Middlemarch by George Eliot (16,772 copies)
High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (14,485 copies)
Possession by A. S. Byatt (12,485 copies)
The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer (11,323 copies)
Silas Marner by George Eliot (10,722 copies)
Hard Times by Charles Dickens (10,552 copies)
The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer (10,528 copies)
The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (10,282 copies)
Howards End by E. M. Forster (8,433 copies)
Tom Jones by Henry Fielding (7,759 copies)
Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz (6,390 copies)
Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers (5,855 copies)
The Sea by John Banville (5,198 copies)
Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë (4,863 copies)
Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell (4,282 copies)
Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz (4,250 copies)
The Warden by Anthony Trollope (4,160 copies)
Adam Bede by George Eliot (4,159 copies)
Black Powder War by Naomi Novik (4,068 copies)
Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz (3,986 copies)
Maurice by E. M. Forster (3,901 copies)
How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff (3,886 copies)
Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz (3,584 copies)
Daniel Deronda by George Eliot (3,568 copies)
Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh (3,469 copies)
The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan (3,455 copies)
Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh (3,341 copies)
Slam by Nick Hornby (3,053 copies)
Skellig by David Almond (3,049 copies)
Third Girl by Agatha Christie (3,038 copies)
The Master by Colm Tóibín (3,008 copies)
Last Orders by Graham Swift (2,698 copies)
The Golden Bowl by Henry James (2,620 copies)
Excellent Women by Barbara Pym (2,597 copies)
Hornet Flight by Ken Follett (2,556 copies)
The Moor by Laurie R. King (2,345 copies)
Before I Die by Jenny Downham (2,302 copies)
Black Dogs by Ian McEwan (2,197 copies)
National Velvet by Enid Bagnold (2,186 copies)
The Go-Between by L. P. Hartley (2,172 copies)
Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz (2,116 copies)
The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fry (2,082 copies)
Justice Hall by Laurie R. King (2,055 copies)
Tunnels by Roderick Gordon (2,049 copies)
My Man Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse (2,010 copies)
Lassie Come-Home by Eric Knight (1,989 copies)
Crome Yellow by Aldous Huxley (1,924 copies)
Mandy by Julie Andrews (1,876 copies)
Lady Susan by Jane Austen (1,827 copies)
Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher (1,814 copies)
Innocent Blood by P. D. James (1,796 copies)
Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones (1,792 copies)
To the Hilt by Dick Francis (1,758 copies)
Wilt by Tom Sharpe (1,751 copies)
Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel (1,723 copies)
Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding (1,723 copies)
Decider by Dick Francis (1,655 copies)
The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis (1,630 copies)
Under Orders by Dick Francis (1,626 copies)
Come to Grief by Dick Francis (1,622 copies)
Wild Horses by Dick Francis (1,594 copies)
Necroscope by Brian Lumley (1,573 copies)
Shattered by Dick Francis (1,572 copies)
Farthing by Jo Walton (1,529 copies)
Shadowmancer by G. P. Taylor (1,524 copies)
Straight by Dick Francis (1,494 copies)
Engleby by Sebastian Faulks (1,482 copies)
Smack by Melvin Burgess (1,464 copies)
Asylum by Patrick McGrath (1,443 copies)
The Black Prince by Iris Murdoch (1,433 copies)
Driving Force by Dick Francis (1,405 copies)
Still Life by A. S. Byatt (1,383 copies)
Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka (1,351 copies)
Talking It Over by Julian Barnes (1,345 copies)
The Impressionist by Hari Kunzru (1,338 copies)
No Name by Wilkie Collins (1,334 copies)
The Savage Garden by Mark Mills (1,318 copies)
Until You by Judith McNaught (1,310 copies)
The Toll-Gate by Georgette Heyer (1,309 copies)
Meridon by Philippa Gregory (1,286 copies)
Whip Hand by Dick Francis (1,284 copies)
Snobs by Julian Fellowes (1,283 copies)
Thinks . . . by David Lodge (1,272 copies)
Acid Row by Minette Walters (1,270 copies)
The Buccaneers by Edith Wharton (1,268 copies)
Antic Hay by Aldous Huxley (1,254 copies)
Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas (1,225 copies)
Dead Heat by Dick Francis (1,224 copies)
Quartet in Autumn by Barbara Pym (1,211 copies)
Armadale by Wilkie Collins (1,188 copies)
Caleb Williams by William Godwin (1,171 copies)
Sanditon by Jane Austen (1,152 copies)
Kit's Wilderness by David Almond (1,152 copies)
Jane and Prudence by Barbara Pym (1,133 copies)
Nerve by Dick Francis (1,110 copies)
The Calder Game by Blue Balliett (1,104 copies)
Tono-Bungay by H. G. Wells (1,093 copies)
Odds Against by Dick Francis (1,089 copies)
The Red Room by Nicci French (1,071 copies)
The Charioteer by Mary Renault (1,057 copies)
The Declaration by Gemma Malley (1,056 copies)
Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household (1,055 copies)
Some Tame Gazelle by Barbara Pym (1,034 copies)
The Unburied by Charles Palliser (1,022 copies)
Mistress by Amanda Quick (1,009 copies)
Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell (1,003 copies)
Saffy's Angel by Hilary McKay (1,002 copies)
Matilda Bone by Karen Cushman (996 copies)
The Proposal by Lori Wick (955 copies)
Darcy's Story by Janet Aylmer (951 copies)
Mischief by Amanda Quick (931 copies)
PopCo by Scarlett Thomas (929 copies)
Tamar by Mal Peet (927 copies)
Dial-a-Ghost by Eva Ibbotson (901 copies)
Fludd by Hilary Mantel (876 copies)
The Rescue by Lori Wick (846 copies)
Wilt on High by Tom Sharpe (841 copies)
Rose Cottage by Mary Stewart (835 copies)
Intimacy by Hanif Kureishi (835 copies)
I Was a Rat by Philip Pullman (809 copies)
Coot Club by Arthur Ransome (805 copies)
The Visitor by Lori Wick (797 copies)
The Egoist by George Meredith (785 copies)
Ha'penny by Jo Walton (747 copies)
Losing You by Nicci French (743 copies)
The Throwback by Tom Sharpe (733 copies)
Village School by Miss Read (716 copies)
Just in Case by Meg Rosoff (698 copies)
The Pursuit by Lori Wick (698 copies)
Ingo by Helen Dunmore (692 copies)
Vintage Stuff by Tom Sharpe (688 copies)
Killer Dolphin by Ngaio Marsh (655 copies)
The Wreckers by Iain Lawrence (621 copies)
East Lynne by Ellen Wood (611 copies)
Indigo's Star by Hilary McKay (607 copies)
Arlington Park by Rachel Cusk (598 copies)
Lucas by Kevin Brooks (589 copies)
The Conquest by Jude Deveraux (578 copies)
Candy by Kevin Brooks (563 copies)
Camilla by Fanny Burney (557 copies)
The Escape From Home by Avi (552 copies)
Magic Seeds by V. S. Naipaul (550 copies)
The Choir by Joanna Trollope (542 copies)
The Rake by Mary Jo Putney (536 copies)
Emma Brown by Clare Boylan (534 copies)
Half a Crown by Jo Walton (534 copies)
The Midden by Tom Sharpe (526 copies)
Doing It by Melvin Burgess (525 copies)
Dorian by Will Self (521 copies)
Oxygen by Andrew Miller (508 copies)
Bruno's Dream by Iris Murdoch (504 copies)
The Various by Steve Augarde (501 copies)
The China Garden by Liz Berry (499 copies)
Thrush Green by Miss Read (492 copies)
Double Vision by Pat Barker (481 copies)
Winter Story by Jill Barklem (480 copies)
Smith by Leon Garfield (480 copies)
Blitzcat by Robert Westall (476 copies)
The Cuckoo Tree by Joan Aiken (469 copies)
My Revolutions by Hari Kunzru (459 copies)
Basil by Wilkie Collins (446 copies)
The Diddakoi by Rumer Godden (444 copies)
Flambards by K. M. Peyton (440 copies)
First Light by Peter Ackroyd (439 copies)
Credo by Melvyn Bragg (428 copies)
Union Street by Pat Barker (427 copies)
Grey Area by Will Self (422 copies)
The Mennyms by Sylvia Waugh (419 copies)
Autumn Story by Jill Barklem (417 copies)
The Rake by Suzanne Enoch (415 copies)
The Little Grey Men by B. B. (411 copies)
Latecomers by Anita Brookner (410 copies)
Wild Designs by Katie Fforde (406 copies)
Dream Days by Kenneth Grahame (404 copies)
40 Love by Madeleine Wickham (403 copies)
Blaming by Elizabeth Taylor (401 copies)
Scandalous by Karen Robards (394 copies)
Flora's Lot by Katie Fforde (386 copies)
Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin (384 copies)
Esther Waters by George Moore (376 copies)
Thursbitch by Alan Garner (373 copies)
Brief Lives by Anita Brookner (372 copies)
Amelia by Henry Fielding (365 copies)
Providence by Anita Brookner (348 copies)
Girl, 20 by Kingsley Amis (338 copies)
Love for Lydia by H. E. Bates (336 copies)
Boy Soldier by Andy McNab (331 copies)
Ask For It by Sylvia Day (316 copies)
Lavengro by George Borrow (316 copies)
Darkside by Tom Becker (304 copies)
Lewis Percy by Anita Brookner (287 copies)
Faith Fox by Jane Gardam (282 copies)
Afterimage by Helen Humphreys (280 copies)
Liza's England by Pat Barker (279 copies)
Presumption by Julia Barrett (279 copies)
Schooling by Heather McGowan (272 copies)
Paint Your Dragon by Tom Holt (270 copies)
Indigo Blue by Cathy Cassidy (262 copies)
Is Underground by Joan Aiken (254 copies)
The Uncanny by Andrew Klavan (251 copies)
Amethyst by Lauren Royal (250 copies)
Canned by Alex Shearer (249 copies)
Bombay Ice by Leslie Forbes (246 copies)
Gunpowder Plot by Carola Dunn (245 copies)
Unsolicited by Julie Kaewert (234 copies)
Utterly Monkey by Nick Laird (232 copies)
Dirty Weekend by Helen Zahavi (231 copies)
Massive by Julia Bell (230 copies)
Casanova by Andrew Miller (228 copies)
Dunster by John Mortimer (215 copies)
Old Flames by John Lawton (213 copies)
The Hole by Guy Burt (203 copies)
Concluding by Henry Green (203 copies)
Posted to Death by Dean James (201 copies)
Darkhenge by Catherine Fisher (200 copies)
Minerva by M. C. Beaton (196 copies)
The Reaper by Peter Lovesey (192 copies)
Cuban Heels by Emily Barr (191 copies)
The Dwarfs by Harold Pinter (190 copies)
The Dark Clue by James Wilson (185 copies)
Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick (184 copies)
Gemma by Noel Streatfeild (183 copies)
Jade Woman by Jonathan Gash (182 copies)
Agatha by Kathleen Tynan (181 copies)
Moonspender by Jonathan Gash (180 copies)
Bone House by Betsy Tobin (180 copies)
by George by Wesley Stace (173 copies)
Bindi Babes by Narinder Dhami (172 copies)
Deceived by Bertrice Small (170 copies)
Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward (168 copies)
Lamb in Love by Carrie Brown (168 copies)
Spend Game by Jonathan Gash (162 copies)
Dog Friday by Hilary McKay (160 copies)
Pearlhanger by Jonathan Gash (157 copies)
Jago by Kim Newman (155 copies)
Up on Cloud Nine by Anne Fine (153 copies)
Unsigned by Julie Kaewert (153 copies)
The Moon Tunnel by Jim Kelly (152 copies)
Spin Cycle by Sue Margolis (152 copies)
Corbenic by Catherine Fisher (144 copies)
Family Money by Nina Bawden (143 copies)
Big Women by Fay Weldon (142 copies)
Star Trap by Simon Brett (141 copies)
Drowning Anna by Sue Mayfield (141 copies)
Under My Skin by Sarah Dunant (141 copies)
Sweet Poison by David Roberts (140 copies)
The Ex Files by Jane Moore (138 copies)
The Wife Test by Betina Krahn (135 copies)
Infamous by Virginia Henley (131 copies)
Scene of Crime by Jill McGown (130 copies)
Five Boys by Mick Jackson (129 copies)
Betrayal by Clare Francis (127 copies)
Faked to Death by Dean James (126 copies)
Intrigued by Bertrice Small (124 copies)
Follow Me Down by Julie Hearn (123 copies)
Mennyms Alone by Sylvia Waugh (123 copies)
Emma Watson by Joan Aiken (121 copies)
Mennyms Alive by Sylvia Waugh (120 copies)
Ghost Abbey by Robert Westall (117 copies)
On the Edge by Peter Lovesey (113 copies)
Verdict Unsafe by Jill McGown (109 copies)
Baked to Death by Dean James (109 copies)
Lucy Talk by Fiona Walker (107 copies)
Stiff News by Catherine Aird (106 copies)
Death of a Dean by Hazel Holt (105 copies)
Man or Mango? by Lucy Ellmann (104 copies)
Tightrope by Gillian Cross (103 copies)
Banana Bottom by Claude McKay (102 copies)
The Ice House by Nina Bawden (101 copies)
Dead Giveaway by Simon Brett (101 copies)
Witch Hill by Marcus Sedgwick (100 copies)
Pig by Andrew Cowan (99 copies)
Keeping Henry by Nina Bawden (98 copies)
Tempting by Susan Johnson (94 copies)
Leonora by Hazel Holt (93 copies)
Space Race by Sylvia Waugh (92 copies)
Fielding Gray by Simon Raven (91 copies)
Dawn Undercover by Anna Dale (90 copies)
Sister Crazy by Emma Richler (88 copies)
Aubade by Kenneth Martin (85 copies)
Foreigners by Caryl Phillips (84 copies)
I, Jack by Patricia Finney (83 copies)
Salt by Jeremy Page (81 copies)
Bone Idle by Susannah Stacey (81 copies)
The Boy by Naeem Murr (76 copies)
Abandon by Jillian Hunter (73 copies)
Love Song by Nikki Gemmell (72 copies)
Earthborn by Sylvia Waugh (72 copies)
Pasmore by David Storey (71 copies)
Ghosts by Adrian Plass (69 copies)
Mel by Liz Berry (69 copies)
The Finding by Nina Bawden (68 copies)
The Folly by Marion Chesney (66 copies)
Celia by Emily Hilda Young (65 copies)
Amy by Mary Hooper (64 copies)
Scandal by Pamela Britton (59 copies)
Fatal Descent by John Rhode (59 copies)
The Runaways by Ruth Thomas (58 copies)
Legacy by Alan Judd (56 copies)
Such is Death by Leo Bruce (45 copies)
Tempting by Hope Tarr (45 copies)
Handles by Jan Mark (40 copies)
Love's Mansion by Paul West (36 copies)
The Rebel by Hester Burton (35 copies)
Grand Slam by Susan Moody (35 copies)
Bless the Thief by Alan Wall (34 copies)
Susanna by Glen Williamson (33 copies)
All I Desire by Thea Devine (30 copies)
The Emerald by Jennie Hansen (27 copies)
Fairness by Ferdinand Mount (25 copies)
Dear Fred by K. M. Peyton (22 copies)
Trespasses by Paul Bailey (21 copies)
Hers by A. Alvarez (19 copies)
Scrooge by Elaine Donaldson (17 copies)
Blackgammon by Heather Neff (17 copies)
Wanting by Angela Huth (17 copies)
The Firehills by Steve Alton (15 copies)
Cabin 3033 by Anna Clarke (14 copies)
My Lord Beast by Mary Lennox (14 copies)
Angel Eyes by Jane Adams (7 copies)
Foxhunt by Bertie Denham (7 copies)
Claim by Mat Schulz (7 copies)
Death of cold by Leo Bruce (5 copies)