Subject: English poetry


English poetry (686 works)

Books Under This Subject

Paradise Lost by John Milton (13,478 copies)
The Iliad / The Odyssey by Homer (5,566 copies)
Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne (5,039 copies)
Four Quartets by T. S. Eliot (3,220 copies)
Collected Poems by Philip Larkin (2,250 copies)
Good Poems by Garrison Keillor (1,709 copies)
Selected Poems by W. H. Auden (1,708 copies)
Don Juan by Lord Byron (1,593 copies)
Winter Poems by Barbara Rogasky (1,140 copies)
ABC of Reading by Ezra Pound (1,034 copies)
The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot (1,011 copies)
Dirty Beasts by Roald Dahl (926 copies)
Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll (855 copies)
Knots by R. D. Laing (691 copies)
High Windows by Philip Larkin (619 copies)
North by Seamus Heaney (492 copies)
Rhyme Stew by Roald Dahl (412 copies)
The New Poetry by A. Alvarez (266 copies)
The Jumblies by Edward Lear (199 copies)
Babel by Patti Smith (177 copies)
Modern Poetry by Maynard Mack (158 copies)
All Join in by Quentin Blake (155 copies)
Poet's choice by Paul Engle (153 copies)
Mean Time by Carol Ann Duffy (138 copies)
Nonsense Poems by Edward Lear (126 copies)
Nonsense Songs by Edward Lear (119 copies)
Emergency Kit by Jo Shapcott (107 copies)
12 Poets by Glenn H. Leggett (99 copies)
Season Songs by Ted Hughes (98 copies)
The Tyger by William Blake (97 copies)
Moortown by Ted Hughes (67 copies)
New Volume by Adrian Henri (64 copies)
Virgil in English by Virgil (55 copies)
Tenebrae by Geoffrey Hill (49 copies)
Goblins by Spike Milligan (46 copies)
Moon-Whales by Ted Hughes (42 copies)
Nonsense! by Edward Lear (37 copies)
Star Walk by Seymour Simon (26 copies)
Fairy Poems by Daisy Wallace (22 copies)
Verses I Like by Ed Bowes (20 copies)
Slattern by Kate Clanchy (19 copies)
Minorities by T. E. Lawrence (17 copies)
Positives by Thom Gunn (17 copies)
Chaucer by Albert C. Baugh (15 copies)
English verse by W. Peacock (14 copies)
By Avon River by H. D. (13 copies)
Poems by Padraic Colum (12 copies)
Favorite Poems (12 copies)
Lyric by David Lindley (11 copies)
The Night by Patti Smith (11 copies)
Pope by Brean S. Hammond (11 copies)
Orange moon by Garth Boomer (10 copies)
Barbarians by Douglas Dunn (9 copies)
Exactions by C. H. Sisson (7 copies)
Fifteen poets (6 copies)
Lyric Verse by Edwin Rakow (3 copies)
The poet's pen (2 copies)
Mr. Maui by Peter Bland (2 copies)
Sea watch by Anne McCosker (1 copies)
Needs be by Fiona. Owen (1 copies)
Modern Poetry by Vários (1 copies)
Cairo by Philip Jenkins (1 copies)
Our Ship by John Mole (1 copies)